Introduction to Artificial intelligence

Introduction to Artificial intelligence

One idea that was just a fantasy we see only in science fiction films such as watching intelligent robots and artificial beings that move or dance, sing and imitate humans is now a reality. Human has based on programming devices that program and develop themselves in the future and deal with the changes surrounding human neutrality and decision-making, perception, conclusion, understanding and the ability to learn on their own, and through the transfer of artificial intelligence capabilities of these machines.
artificial intelligence : all what you need to know about it

What are AI applications

  • Marketing: Marketing can become smarter with artificial intelligence that helps you make money and support buying and selling.
  • Banks: Many banks have implemented artificial intelligence systems to provide support to customers, detect anomalies and credit card frauds, and adopt artificial intelligence solutions to prevent fraud by enhancing business security.
  • Agriculture: Climate change and increasing population growth have prompted us to seek innovative solutions to increase crop yields. Organizations have used robots and automation to help farmers find effective ways to protect crops from weeds and use resources more sustainably.
  • Finance: Projects rely on computers and data scientists to determine future patterns in the market, because these devices can perform a huge number of calculations in a short time, and can predict how to replicate future patterns.
  • Health care: Many organizations and medical care centers have used artificial intelligence to develop life-saving abilities. For example, Cambio Health Care has developed a clinical system that can warn a doctor when a patient is at risk of stroke.
artificial intelligence : all what you need to know about it

The dangers of artificial intelligence that threaten human life

Some scientists, such as the genius physicist Stephen Hawking, Tesla and Elon Musk, founder of SPACE X, expressed fears of the danger of artificial intelligence in the future, and Bill Gates, a Microsoft co-founder, said that care must be taken to deal with artificial intelligence, which developed machines significantly, and manage this development properly so that For good to prevail evil, the danger of artificial intelligence lies in the following:
  • Lethal weapons developed with artificial intelligence that are difficult to disassemble or combat. These weapons make the decision to kill and assassinate without human intervention. President Putin said in this context: Artificial intelligence is the future not only for Russia, but for humanity as a whole, it gives tremendous opportunities as well as Threats are unpredictable, and whoever becomes the leader in this area will become the ruler of the world.
  • Social media manipulation: Self-operated social media is very effective in targeted marketing, where fraud can be spread through the propaganda of individuals identified through algorithms and personal data, such as using the data of 50 million Facebook users to influence the results of the 2016 US elections And the Brexit referendum.
  • Invasion of privacy: It is possible to track the daily movement of the individual on the Internet and see what he is doing through cameras deployed everywhere, and rely on facial algorithms to identify it; in China, for example, it is expected that each of its citizens of 1.4 billion citizens Personally based on an assessment of their personal behavior, such as walking and commitment to smoking.
  • Mismatch between the machine and the target: We have to set the target clearly because the machine does what it literally dictates, for example when you ask the machine to take you to the airport at the maximum speed will do this and achieve the desired goal and get you as quickly as possible, but without observing the safety rules which leads For serious consequences and a host of accidents.
  • Discrimination: Artificial intelligence is used by many good things, such as those that help us make medical diagnoses or look for new ways to treat cancer and make cars safer.
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