Finally, Apple decided to get rid of Notch in new phones in 2020

The look of the big notch on Apple devices has become less aesthetic and interesting, because many tech companies have produced very small notch phones or even without any notch, so it was expected that Apple will reduce the size of the notch in the iPhone 11 but did not do because Face sensors ID has a big place for this just new leaks Apple decided to get rid of notch instead of lack of size, where will put cameras and sensors?

According to some leaks published on Twitter, Apple's Apple phones that will be launched in 2020 will come without any notch and a large screen size of 6.7 inches, and will put the camera and sensors on the top edge of the device, instead of Apple's work to reduce the size of the notch, will work To reduce the size of the sensors and the camera so that it is large enough to be placed in the top edge as shown in the picture

With this change, Apple will be able to draw attention to it and will deal a fatal blow to Samsung and Huawei and will satisfy many of its fans who did not like the way the iPhone 11 came this year.
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