Finally the secret has been revealed: this is the battery capacity and RAM of the new iPhone 11

Every year when Apple releases a new version of its phones, there are always some unanswered questions, so that Apple refuses to answer them, although fortunately the answer ends in knowing about them, but not from the company's offices.

Talking about the battery and RAM of the new iPhone 11, this is that in every key word of the company they talk about battery efficiency or improve the power and performance of the new iPhone, but it is not specifically determined how much RAM and battery brought by the phone. So you should always get iFixit analysis where you unpack the iPhone, so we know these technical details.

According to the information received, the new iPhone 11 has the following RAM and battery:
iPhone 11: 4 GB RAM + 3,110 mAh.
iPhone 11 Pro: 4 GB RAM + 3,046 mAh.
iPhone 11 Pro Max: 4 GB RAM + 3,969 mAh.

Although it seems that there are no significant changes compared to the RAM and battery of the previous phone, we can say that in the case of iOS, it requires no more than 4 GB of RAM to get outstanding performance. Also, in addition to the new A13 Bionic processor, Apple makes battery consumption considerably improved even if it does not significantly increase the amount of mA.
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