hackers leak data from all residents of Ecuador and even their president

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has reported that his Ecuadorian identity card suffered a leak as part of a huge security problem across the entire population of Ecuador, which has been exposed online.

In practice, the Ecuadorian population suffered from a problem that put all their data in the hands of hackers, according to experts in the field and where the Ecuadorian government described it as a "very sensitive problem."

It is estimated that about 17 million people, including nearly seven million children, are hacking their personal data through an insecure server that was under the responsibility of a marketing and analysis company in Ecuador.

The security company discovered vpnMentor leaked information on the server that runs the Novaestrat signature, which includes the names of citizens, dates and places of birth, phone numbers and national identity card numbers.

The cybersecurity site ZDNet was the first to report this information leak, as there were also statements by the Ecuadorian president.

 After this information leaked, according to ZDNet, the security company contacted CERT in Ecuador (Computer Emergency Response Team) to find out what actions could be taken from the moment the problem was discovered.

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