Huawei CEO mocks Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha and says it makes no sense

Huawei and Samsung introduced their first phones with a flexible screen for 2019, but they faced many problems with this technology, a situation that led them to delay its launch. Perhaps for this reason, Xiaomi wanted to take a different route with the Mi MIX Alpha.

The Mi MIX Alpha's screen occupies more than 70% of the phone's body, and we can't deny that it looks great, however, a senior Huawei executive stated that Mi MiX Alpha is a 'practical nonsense' phone.
This is what the media reports in China, where it turns out that the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, issued this comment when asked about the new Xiaomi device.
What Huawei CEO seems to ignore is that Xiaomi stated in the Mi MIX Alpha show that this phone has a conceptual design, it is true that it will be put on the market this year, but is not expected to be the most sold phones, especially because the price of more than 2000 Dollars.
It seems that Xiaomi wants to put this device on the market, and perhaps as a way to prepare for its flexible phone Mi MIX 4, which is expected to launch at the end of the year or the beginning of 2020.
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