Make your own personalised phone with unlimited specifications

In light of the amazing development in smart phones we find that all phones issued by most companies come very close in terms of form and design and we do not find many differences between them and the disadvantages of this strategy it creates smart phones but can not be modified on their hardware hardware and the phone will be limited by the possibilities Developed by the company in advance.

 But a new type of phone that can easily modify its hardware is replaced by a higher capacity RAM. For example, Google has been canceled for a while but recently appeared on the KickStarter crowdfunding platform. Install it

 The phone comes as PiTalk and depends in its structure on the development boards Raspberry pi and be compatible with all versions Pi zero, Pi 2, Pi 3 Pi A,
The phone also supports 3G connection so far but adapts to different needs and uses You can easily change the size of the screen by adding a new screen and connected to the panel Raspberry as well as the camera and other units as well as the phone is easy to modify its own applications because it comes with an open source system supports programming through Python language

 As for the price of the device has been put to order on the platform KickStarter amount between 47 and 125 pounds depending on the equipment already in place.

The phone can be used to set up security systems and systems for energy management, control of devices, pollution control as well as animal monitoring.
For more information or to purchase a phone, visit the phone page on KickStarter
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