Specifications and price of Realme C1 - review of the phone with a huge battery

Realme Realme has not finished the production of its latest phone Realme 2 Plus and has announced the new phone Realme C1, which is expected to meet the approval of many mobile phone lovers, especially in the economic category.
The Realme C1 belongs to the list of mid-range and low-priced phones,
As for the most prominent specifications of the phone are as follows ..
The phone comes with a body made of plastic
The phone is 15.6 cm long and comes with a width of 7.56 cm and a thickness of about 82 cm
The weight is about 170 grams.
The phone supports two SIM cards and an external memory card up to 256 GB at the same time, you will not give up a SIM card for external memory but you can install them all at the same time.
The phone's screen size is 6.2 inches HD + and covers an area of ​​about 82% of the phone size. There is a wide notch or what is known as (cut in the screen)
There is a headset calls and some sensors as well as the front camera.
The phone has a 3.5 mm headphone port at the bottom of the phone, in addition to the charger port next to the phone's external speakers.
The phone comes from behind there are two cameras with a single LED flash

Specifications of the Realme C1.
The Snapdragon 450 Octa-core processor has a speed of 1.8GHz.
Adreno 506 Processor
The internal memory of the phone is 16GB
The RAM size is 2 GB.
With the possibility of installing a memory card up to 256 GB
The phone's camera is a dual camera with accuracy
13 MP for main camera + 2 MP for additional camera with F2.2 + F2.4 aperture for rear cameras
The front camera is 5MP with a F2.2 aperture
The battery comes with a size of 4230 mAh
It said the company could work for 44 hours of average work on the phone.

Features of the Realme C1
In the first place comes the phone battery where it is impossible to find a battery of this capacity in the same price category or even slightly higher
The screen size of the phone is great and also gives colors and a distinctive viewing experience
The phone has a security system that enables you to handle and enter your personal data securely
The phone prevents the use of microphone or camera without user permission
There is a great system to protect the battery life and close applications in the background

Disadvantages of the phone Realme C1
The RAM size is very low and will not withstand many tasks
Telephone manufacturing materials
There is no fingerprint sensor in the phone
There is no phone and screen protector in the device tray

Finally the price of the phone Realme C1
Realme C1 comes at a very special price compared to other phones in the same specifications
The price of the phone is
115 U.S. dollars
This was a first review and a quick look at the phone Realme C1 and the question comes
Is it worth buying the phone and be your secondary phone that we will know in the next few days
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