This is the ultimate solution to the problem of igniting the fire by leaving the charger all night long Protect your home and family

Despite the disastrous accidents we have heard in recent years, which are always caused by the charger, many users still like to leave phones in charge all night, and this puts their lives at risk, for today I brought you the final solution to this problem, and you will be able to let your phone charging As you sleep without any worries, continue with me.

To solve this problem, what we need is a simple tool that often costs less than $ 15.This tool is a socket on which you can install your phone charger or a computer ... However, this socket is programmable, as you choose the time it will cut off the power. The phone stops charging, which makes the charger unburnable. There are two types of this device: a device is manually adjusted and the other is set using the application of the phone.

For those who are tuned by the phone is a simple way to use it all you need is to download the application provided by the manufacturer and you will be able to use the application easily because it is simple to use, but for those who are programmed manually, you have to understand the way to adjust it is watching the following video:

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