Xiaomi surprise the world and launch an amazing full-screen smartphone with an 108-megapixel camera! Mi MIX Alpha

Finally Xiaomi  revealed its best smartphones today, namely Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro and Mi MIX Alpha. But the model that interests us is the second phone, which stands out because almost all its body is a screen, in fact, the phones are very similar to the folding smartphone that the company mentioned at some point.

No manufacturer has ever told us that its screen has a curvature of 70, 80 or 90%, but today Xiaomi surprises the world, because its new MIX Alpha has a screen that wraps its entire body, because the only metal part we will find is the camera.
It is clear that the phone looks great when the screen is turned on, especially as it is a device with AMOLED technology. However, one of the first doubts is whether this will not affect the use of the device when carried and touched by the sides, but Xiaomi said it includes artificial intelligence that will learn how to use the phone to avoid this phenomenon, that is, the phone does not open applications or items that We don't want to touch it while our hands touch the phone in the two screens.

The first phone with a camera exceeding 100 megapixels
Until yesterday we all thought that the camera would be the main protagonist of this phone, but it just was not, and this is the case with that screen and innovative design, it included a camera accurately 108 megapixels which is something impressive in the phone as well.
The Mi MIX Alpha has only three sensors, both for photos and selfies. The 108-megapixel sensor, equipped with Pixel Binning technology, promises unprecedented images on the smartphone, especially thanks to the company's improvements in its artificial intelligence.

The new Xiaomi phone costs more than an iPhone
A few months ago, the company told us that it would stop making "cheap" phones, so its phones will rise in price, and today's launches officially reflect this price increase, however, the Mi MIX Alpha costs more than the iPhone 11 Pro which has 256GB memory .
The phone comes with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, and RAM RAM 12 GB, then the internal memory space 512 GB, then the battery of mA and fast charging power 4.050 40 watts.
 The phone runs on Android 9. The company has reported that its price will be 19999 yuan, or about 2.500 euros.

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