Call of Duty is the biggest mobile launch in history with 100 million downloads

Downloaded according to Activision more than 35 million times within 72 hours after its launch, the video game COD Call of Duty Mobile would have now exceeded 100 million downloads in one week. New record !
Even though Mario Kart Tour set records just a few days ago, he's already dethroned by the latest Activision mobile game. Also free-to-play, Call of Duty Mobile has just exceeded 100 million downloads a week after its launch, according to Sensor Tower analysts.COD - call of duty mobile

COD Four times better than other mobile FPS

Released October 1, 2019 around the world, Call of Duty Mobile has already done better than the game of karting Nintendo, which he recorded 90 million downloads after a week of operation. This is globally four times more than what other mobile FPS shooting games have achieved over the same duration. PUBG Mobile (Android and iOS) and Fortnite (iOS only at launch) are far behind, with 28 and 22.5 million downloads respectively.

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A balanced distribution of downloads and recipes between iOS and Android

Of these 100 million downloads, 55.7% concern the iOS version. The distribution of revenue generated by the iOS and Android variants follows the same trend with $ 9.1 million for the Apple platform (53%) against $ 8.3 million for Google platform (47%). American gamers are the ones who have both downloaded the game the most and spent the most money on it, with $ 7.6 million disbursed (43.1% of the $ 17.7 million). recorded over seven days). Follow the Japanese players with 2.4 million dollars, then the Brazilians with 848 000 $. The 13.7 million downloads that are owed to Indian players, it seems, not enough to generate enough revenue since they do not appear in the top three, logically marking a clear enough difference purchasing power.
sensor tower analytics

COD A success that does not fade

In comparison, over the first seven days of operation, the very popular Fortnite had generated "only" 2.3 million dollars. It was then only in beta and available only on the App Store, but the gap of $ 6.8 million to the advantage of Call of Duty Mobile is quite telling.
At the time of writing, Call of Duty Mobile is still the most downloaded app on the App Store and Google Play. She is also in the top 10 of those who earn the most money. Towards new records?

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