First phone with a foldable screen 3 times and can be converted to a tablet size of 10 inches!

After a long wait for the Chinese companies to enter the market for folding phones,  Motorola announced the date of the disclosure of the new folding phone, and today revealed the company TCL, which produces phones under the brands Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm, a model for its next phone screen Foldable 3 times and turns into a 10-inch tablet when fully opened.

Currently the device does not have a name or expected release date or price, as it was revealed a model showing only the shape and design, but the company has stated that it intends to launch in 2020, and the device has two hinges DragonHinges of the company One of the most prominent things in the phone is that they move in different directions.

In case of the release of this triple-screen phone will suffer more challenges than faced by Galaxy Fold, where the company will find more problems in the way to protect the screen during folding frequently, and for the specifications, what we know about the phone currently is that it will come with 4 rear cameras and camera Front and USB-C port, there will be no headphone port. The company is working on other designs to be unveiled during the year 2020.

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