Google Conference: Google officially announces the launch date of the service Stadia games

Google finnaly announced  during its hardware event Made by Google’19 the launch date of its game broadcast service Stadia, which announced earlier this year.
Google Conference: Google officially announces the launch date of the service Stadia games

The American technology giant said in a post on her blog:
`` The Stadia Founder’s Edition service pack will begin arriving on November 19, 2019. ”

Google added:
 “If you are one of the first players to order and receive your Founder’s Edition package, you will be able to buy and play your favorite games from 9am Pacific Time on November 19th.”

stadia will make playing game mush easier 

The Stadia Founder's Edition package includes games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Kine, and others. The service can be accessed via TVs, laptops, desktops, smartphones or a range of tablets. .

Google said that anyone who ordered two Founder’s Edition or Premiere Edition packages from Stadia could receive three months of Stadia Pro, which offers users games such as:
 Destiny 2: The Collection.

The Estadia Pro service allows users to use Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller, which come in the box, to play 4K games. HDR with 5.1 surround sound, while playing on the TV.

Google said it would begin shipping the Founder’s Edition and Stadia Premiere Edition packages on the same date as previous claimants. They will also receive an email when the devices are shipped, and shortly thereafter, they will receive an activation code for Stadia and Stadia pro.

In early June, Google announced the opening of the initial application for Stadia, which then said it would be officially launched in November with more than 30 games from at least 21 publishers, including : EA and Take-Two Interactive.

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stadia price

Google said: The Stadia Founder's Edition package will be available for $ 129.99 and will enable consumers to play video games, such as: Destiny 2 from the launch day on almost any device without having to download them, making access to video games as easy as watching video on The YouTube.

Google faces competition from many gaming and technology companies, some of which have revealed their intention to launch similar streaming services, so they have to prove to gamers that streaming services can be financially beneficial, even as some previous gaming initiatives falter.

Technology analysts believe the service could boost Google's huge investment returns in cloud programs and data centers. The company said some games would be free to paid subscribers, while others would be sold at prices similar to the current retail price. Game titles to be available at launch include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy XV, and NBA2K.

Google said previously: The Stadia Founder’s Edition Limited package - which will be available in 14 countries in North America and Europe - will be the only way users can play, when the service launches in November.

The Founder’s Edition of the service will include $ 300 worth of hardware, games and benefits. It includes three months of Stadia Pro service: a special gaming console, a Chromecast Ultra multimedia streaming unit for TVs, and the ability to gift Stadia pro to a friend.

Stadia pro - which will be available for $ 9.99 a month - will include free games and other games available at a discounted price, Google said.

Google plans to launch the Stadia Base package - a separate free service, next year - that will broadcast games at up to 1080p, compared to Stadia Pro, which will broadcast games in 4K.
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