How would the iPhone look like if Steve Jobs were alive now?

How would the iPhone look like if Steve Jobs were alive now?

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was one of the most beloved characters in the world of technology, and among his great creations was the iPhone, which for many is the product that changed the world and still represents the market trend until 10 years after its launch.

And just on October 5, we remember the eight years of Steve Jobs' death, which probably did not allow many of the things that have become a reality today at Apple.
An example of this is Apple Music, a music streaming service that has become competitive with Spotify, because in his lifetime, Jobs made it clear that he was against streaming music, which is why he was betting heavily on iTunes and his music store.
Of course, Steve Jobs's ideas may be different today, as if he was still alive, he might have noticed that the music streaming market took great importance today, and perhaps closed iTunes faster than he did.
But the big question is: What will the iPhone look like if Steve Jobs is still alive? This is a question that will never have an accurate answer, and today it is just speculation about the changes that would never have been made based on the comments and ideas of jobs in those years, but perhaps the evolution of the smartphone market had a different opinion.

Iphone without a notch

Steve Jobs was a lover of the process, as this iPhone concept was born not to launch something as a "trend", but to launch something until it works well, until the market is ready for such technology.
Job quality standards were very high in its period (even Apple still respects many of these standards) and we cannot deny that although Face ID works well, it has aroused a lot of user discomfort.
If Jobs were alive, this would have made Apple the first to apply fingerprint readers on the screen, and perhaps this technology has already met the company's quality standards.
It is also true that Jobs never saw an iPhone at all with an on-screen fingerprint reader, but it is very likely that he was aware of these plans when he was still alive, because the development of Touch ID took several years to complete.

 No big versions

 Something that Steve Jobs did not like at all were phones with screens that exceed 5 inches. He always made it clear that the phone should be small, so the iPhone on which Jobs worked was always a small screen.
This was the case even with the iPhone 6 Plus when Apple began testing with screens exceeding 5 inches, especially seeking to compete against Android phone manufacturers that were betting on much larger phones where you can enjoy a better multimedia experience.

No "economic" versions

Perhaps one of the things we did not know before with Jobs in the presidency of Apple is the iPhone XR and successor iPhone 11, "economic" models that make the catalog of Apple's largest. Although it has been proven today that it has achieved significant sales of Apple, Jobs did not like the idea of ​​Apple's fragmentation, and therefore there was always one iPhone model while he was alive.
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