Microsoft officially launche Windows 10x : an operating system for dual-screen devices.

During the Surface event, Microsoft officially launched Windows 10x, an operating system for dual-screen devices. This comes after the announcement of Surface Neo, a new device the company expects to launch next year, and with it revealed the new version of the operating system Windows 10.
They called it "new Windows 10 expression", which is optimized to adapt their appli
cations to the use of two connected monitors, and Microsoft is already inviting developers to work on this new platform.
Windows 10x doesn't have a classic Start menu for Windows 10, but a list from which you can install apps, which are very similar to the previously leaked Windows Lite.
This version of Windows is optimized for this device, and it can be recognized when an external keyboard connects to a monitor and automatically opens an additional partition that can act as a touchpad named "wonderbar", similar to the Macbooks touch bar, but with more space.

In addition, the system is designed so that you can drag and install applications from one screen to another, it is similar to the version of Windows Snap that is adapted to the dual touch screens connected as one.

Although there has been very little information published regarding the new Windows 10x system features, through demos, we can see that it looks like a simplified version of Windows 10 operating system that mainly uses modern applications or web applications. At the moment, there is a question whether Windows 10x will support classic Win32 applications or whether it will be similar to the failed Windows 10S system that only allowed applications to be installed from the Windows Store.
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