The best phone in the world according to Consumer Reports

The best phone in the world according to Consumer Reports

 For those who do not know Consumer Reports, it is a site that specializes in analyzing the various products that are put on the market in the United States to evaluate them and explain to consumers the advantages and disadvantages of the product, in this way they can practically make smarter purchases, especially when it comes to spending some money on electronic products.

Consumer Reports Consumer Reports has provided ratings for various tools for years and is one of the most popular sites of its kind in the world. The news that will delight Apple fans, is that Consumer Reports analyzed the new iPhone 11, which has emerged as the best Apple phones to date, and the three got very high scores in their report.

The best phone in the world so far

What is striking is that the specialist website stated that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is today the best phone in the world, because it has reached the highest scores in the ranking of consumer products.
We know that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a great hatch, not only highlights on its screen, but Apple has also made some improvements to the camera and iOS 13 making this phone one of the best purchases of the year.

In fact, Consumer Reports reported that the battery is a distinctive feature, as it lasted 40.5 hours in its tests, 10 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max, which is the best result compared to any smartphone tested by Consumer Reports.
On the other hand, they claim that the inclusion of a third camera helped maintain this trend and better compete against the Galaxy S10 +, one of its strongest rivals.
However, the weak point in these iPhones is resistance, because although Apple says that the iPhone is more resistant, it is more fragile than many other Android phones on the market.
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