The most important new features in iOS 13

Apple has officially announced that the iOS 13 operating system for iPhone will begin to reach users on September 19.
iOS 13
The company said it will update the new system to iOS version 13.1 with additional software features on September 30, note that the system iOS 13 will be compatible with phones iPhone 6s or later only, while the new phone will work with the new version iPhone 11 as soon as it launches.

For the first time, Apple will disconnect the iPhone and iPad operating systems. The iPads will work with the new iPadOS, which offers many features and improvements to make the device work as a real computer.

Now, here are the most important new features in iOS 13

Dark mode in iOS 13
iOS 13 dark mode

Dark Depth feature may be the primary motivation for getting many users to press the system update button as soon as they arrive on their device.

IOS 13 brings the dark / dark mode or what Apple calls the “system-wide opacity” not just for apps, as the phone will appear with white text on a black background only.

You can manually activate dark mode in low light conditions with a new button in the control center, and you can schedule it to be activated automatically at a specific time such as activating at sunset and deactivating at sunrise.

When the mode is activated, the wallpapers will also be changed accordingly, by choosing new and improved wallpapers to work with dark mode only.

Of course, all the built-in apps will be fully compatible with Dark Mode, and developers are expected to easily integrate their apps into the new Blackout mode on the iPhone.

An entirely new tab for images
iOS 13

With iOS 13, you can browse your photo library in a variety of organized ways, thanks to an all-new photo tab.

With the new tag you can easily find photos by sorting them by years, months and days or browse all the images.

Apple helps you browse and browse your images through several new volumes, such as a folder of years that shows you the photos taken in today's date or close to it in previous years.

The months folder shows your photos by events so you can rediscover the moments that matter to you,

In Christmas mode, the Photos tab shows you the photos of people on their birthday if you’ve set birthdays for people in the People album.

New photo and video editor in iOS 13
iOS 13

When you go to the Edit option while watching a photo or video, you will notice that the all-new editor is redesigned with a simpler interface like Instagram.

Below the image you'll notice several editing tools, from which you can control resolution, noise, sharpness, white balance, and other effects other than the main editing tools and the ability to control the intensity of filters.

The new video editor can quickly change the aspect ratio, cut or rotate the video, and the video editor has special editing tools such as increased exposure or filters.

All edits to photos and videos are non-destructive, so you can remove any applied effect and go back to its original source.

Download files in Safari

You can now download files directly in Safari, where a new Downloads folder is available to you that provides a central location where you can access web and attachment downloads from Safari and Mail.

By default, downloads go to the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive.You can switch to local storage on your phone by going to Settings, then Safari, then Downloads and choose Download to your phone.

Restrict location access in iOS 13

Some apps on your phone use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data as a workaround to track your geolocation if you turn it off.

In iOS 13 you can now modify the access of apps you don't trust to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which means they won't be able to know your location without your consent when using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Location Services has also been updated, so apps can be prevented from constantly accessing your site in the background. Instead, you'll receive notifications when an app uses your location in the background to decide if you want to update your location sharing settings.

Apple has introduced several options to activate the Allow settings, including the one-time Allow feature where the application will stop accessing your site once it is terminated, which is great for applications that exploit your location such as Uber and others.

Better Maps application

Apple has redesigned the new features of the Maps application from scratch.It includes very improved and more realistic details of streets, beaches, parks, buildings and others.Map data has been improved in famous western cities, and Apple will offer the same improvements to more areas around the world as its new mapping project progresses.

Maps now has a Favorite Locations section, from which you can create a list of the sites you visit that often let you enjoy quick navigation.

You can also use the Groups feature to create a group of places you want to visit and share with friends and family

The new Maps app brings a similar feature to Google Maps's Street View service called Look Around, which lets you explore where you want to go before you arrive with a 3D experience that gives you a 360 degree open view of the place.

Apply completely new reminders

The Reminders app got a whole new design with many important features added, including tweaking the view so you have one place to track voice controls and Siri smart suggestions.

Adding dates, appointments, locations, or even attachments to reminders is easier than ever, without having to go to another screen thanks to the new Quick Toolbar above the keyboard.

AirPods improvements

A new and beautiful feature added to AirPods via iOS 13 is the ability to pair a couple of AirPods with an iPhone, allowing you to listen to a song or movie with your friend at the same time.

Siri can also read notifications from messaging apps and transfer them to second generation Airpods when you can't access your phone.

Silence unknown callers

Once this feature is enabled, the phone app will automatically silence calls from any number not in your contact list, that is, the numbers available in the Contacts, Mail, and Messages apps, while all other calls are sent to voicemail, so this may be a good way to get rid of Of unwanted calls.

Edit text gestures

You can edit texts via gestures in many ways, then add new cut, copy and paste gestures, as well as undo and redo gestures.

You can now combine three fingers and break them apart to copy quickly, combine three fingers and break them apart twice to cut, or you can combine three fingers and rounded together to paste.

You can also undo any step with a simple three-finger swipe to the right, and you can repeat any step by swiping three fingers to the left.

Improved battery charging in iOS 13

The new Optimized Battery Charging feature can reduce the speed of battery damage and maintain it for longer by reducing the time spent on a fully charged iPhone.

As soon as you update to iOS 13, your iPhone will begin to recognize your daily routine in charging the machine using machine learning.Then, it will charge the phone to only 80%, and will not charge more than 80% only when you really need it.

For example, the device will charge up to 80% at some point and when it comes time to wake up in the morning it will charge itself to 100%.

Download large applications on the mobile network

IOS 13 removes the maximum download limit for app downloads over the mobile network, and when you try to download an app that is larger than 200 MB you will see a pop-up message asking if you want to continue the download.

You can get rid of this pop-up permanently in Settings, go to iTunes & App Store, then App Downloads, then choose Always Allow.
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