who invented smartphone first

who invented smartphone first

Who is the inventor of the smartphone There is no doubt that the smartphone is a breakthrough in the world of modern technology, thanks to his invention is due to the American scientist Martin Cooper, he is an engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1950, through an institute called Niue Technological, and got He also graduated from the same institute with a master's degree in 1957, before joining Motorola in 1954.
who invented smartphone first

Who is the inventor of the smartphone

  •  The first mobile phone was invented in 1973, the first phone invented in the world as a whole, by the American inventor giant martin cooper. Who was then working for a company called Motorola. Martin Cooper called the first mobile phone invented by Motorola Dynatac 8000, and this phone has a special specification where it weighed about a kilogram and a length of about twenty centimeters.

What about the smartphone

  •  A smartphone is a device that makes calls through cellular networks. It must have the ability to send private signals to cellular networks.
  •  The smartphone is an updated type of mobile phone with touch screen, which can run several distinct applications.
  •  If it was agreed between different companies to name the smartphone with this name because of its qualities, each of them would have called this name for a certain feature from its point of view, but in general has recently become a smart phone is the phone that runs on Windows Phone or Something of its derivatives and Linux and BlackBerry.

Samsung and Apple companies

 Recently, the mobile arena has witnessed a terrible competition between Apple and Samsung, where the number of smartphones deployed in the market exceeded one and a half billion smartphones, and specifically the previous year Samsung was the leader in the companies selling smartphones and was followed by Apple from Terms of sales.

Date of appearance of the first smartphone

  •  The first smartphone to be released was Simon IBM, designed in 1992, and included a clock, calendar and memo. 
  • It was also equipped with the feature of sending fax and one of the first companies in the design of the smartphone is the company Nokia is rich in definition, it was the first to issue an integrated phone keep up with the times in the full sense of the word, was named smartphone in 1997.
huawei mate 30 pro
Huawei mate 30 pro

Smartphone features

No doubt that the smartphone as an invention is a breakthrough in life, as it has become one of the basic things in everyday life, it is indispensable in any way, so we will learn together on the many features of the smartphone.

Talk wherever you are

  Since the smartphone gives users the opportunity to talk and make the call wherever they are and at any time, it is one of the technological developments that made the person can talk while driving his car but of course taking the necessary precautions for this. The advantage of sending messages by e-mail and this of course contributed to the development and facilitation of projects, and all media channels and companies have their own applications on the smartphone, making it easier for us to know everything related to them at any time.
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