Augmented Reality … a deep tour of this technology

Although many people are using it, and it is currently widespread, many people still confuse between augmented reality and virtual reality . In this article we will try to clarify this confusion and work to answer many of the questions that have certainly been raised by many Of followers when they hear about this technique for the first time.
Augmented Reality … a deep tour of this technology

What is Augmented Reality ?

From the two words that make up the Augmented Reality term, we will be able to get to know the nature of this technology. It first relies on real life and adds layers of still or digitally designed images. This is clearly represented by the game Pokemon Go , which relies on the search for objects designed digitally in real life, using the camera and smartphone screen.
Snapchat is also an augmented reality model.The famous app adds some digital effects to users' faces by using the smartphone's front camera, then sharing them via the app to friends or any other social media.

In short, then Augmented Reality means: Enhancing the reality with digitally designed layers using any smart computing devices such as smartphones or computers of all kinds.

Augmented Reality … a deep tour of this technology 

How does Augmented Reality work ?

As explained above, the definition of AR works by adding unrealistic layers to the actual reality, and certainly this is done through tools capable of creating this addition and blending,  like the smartphone.
Reality is captured through phone cameras . and Through the main processor and the graphics processor, digital models designed through special applications are processed, this combination is finally displayed on the phone screen, and with different tools of augmented reality, whether a smartphone or special glasses. The principle on which the technology depends is no different.

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How can AR technology be tested ?

If you have a modern smartphone, you're ready to discover the world of augmented reality.
The first and easiest way to test it is to use a smartphone with the specifications that most phones currently have such as : camera and a high-resolution display, a powerful graphics processor, and an Accelerometer, a sensor capable of detecting your movement and then tracking the movement.
Laptops and desktops can also be used for augmented reality testing via webcams, but they are largely ineffective because of the difficulty of moving such devices, the lack of motion sensors and the limited support applications.
Augmented Reality … a deep tour of this technology
Although the augmented reality test does not require special glasses as mentioned above, some technology companies have developed a way to test the augmented reality through glasses, the first of these companies is Google, which introduced Google Glass, a glasses that added texts to reality By displaying it on its glass, and although the idea was very promising, it did not get the required success at all, and Google stopped developing later.

The most successful attempt compared to Google's attempt to develop AR glasses, is the Microsoft experience that resulted in the emergence of HoloLens glasses, different from its predecessor in its ability to display graphics and 3D models fixed and mobile as well, and it includes a number of more sophisticated sensors.

But it is flawed by its high price, which has made it exclusive only for developers .
But the biggest benefit of such experiments is that they ultimately led to the development of mixed-reality glasses, which combine virtual reality and augmented reality , meaning that they shoot real reality through a camera and then add models through glasses in an environment similar to what VR provides. .

Companies such as Acer, Asus, Dell and Lenovo are developing mixed-reality glasses
As for AR apps, both Android and iOS stores have a large number of apps that are compatible with the technology.Once you type the letters AR in the search box in any of the stores you will find a great diversity between these applications . and the Internet is packed with many lists that talk about the best games and applications for augmented reality , just bring your phone and download any of these apps and games and try it out.
Augmented Reality … a deep tour of this technology

Augmented reality Applications : 

  • Augmented reality applications in the military field: This technology offers many applications in the military field of the land, air and naval forces. This is very important because it explores all key information without distraction.
  • AR applications in medicine : Doctors face many difficulties in the process of diagnosis, most notably the weak medical culture of the patient, and the inability to accurately describe the symptoms, and here comes the role of augmented reality through applications such as Eye Decide, which helps the patient to know the condition and description of the symptoms accurately without exaggeration.
  • AR applications in education : Most students have smart devices, so many applications have been developed that can help students and teachers in the learning process. There are many applications, including what is used during the lessons in the classroom, which lends vitality to the educational process, and helps to clarify and explain information in a way that helps the student to understand and memorize, and there are applications for study at home.
  • AR applications in navigation : It can be said that it is the most used applications and service for daily life; it facilitates the navigation operations and you need only a mobile phone, with the activation of the GPS system on it, and then you can view your coordinates and the way you take through your phone camera.

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