best games of 2019 - From driving insanely to the Olympic Games

By the end of autumn 2019, the annual gaming season is coming to its end , and The number of games announced weekly decreases dramatically.
  However, some of the oldest companies are taking advantage of  this period of public calm to launch their best games of 2019 .
We start our journey today from the mysterious future and the beautiful worlds through the latest version of the most prestigious car games, and review the most prominent games released in the first half of November 2019.

best games of 2019 - Death Stranding

Death Stranding, officially in digital stores after a long wait, is a third-person action and adventure game developed by the giant game designer Hideo Kojima and Starring a large number of real actors who represented the events of the story in all its details.

The game will take place in the near future after the collapse of human civilization after the Earth was exposed to a number of mysterious explosions, and the result of supernatural phenomena such as escape from death,
The main character of the game, Sam Bridges, must embark on a dangerous adventure in an open world with huge bags to be transported from one place to another, and will fight the spectrum spread everywhere trying to save humanity from extinction.
The game was released on November 8, 2019 to run on Play Station 4 and will be released after the release of Windows computers, the first game of the game designer Kojima after leaving Konami recently, you can download from here:

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best games of 2019 - Need for Speed Heat

Electronic Arts pursued its great success in sports and car racing games, and on November 5 launched a new part of its popular series Need for Speed, the new part called Heat which will be the title of speed and challenge in the coming days, and the game runs on PlayStation 4 devices Xbox One and Windows computers.
best games 2019 - Need for Speed Heat
The game offers the ability to drive day and night in a dynamic and changing atmosphere.
As for the story of the game, it is enjoyable as it includes a large number of varied races to finish to earn money to buy new cars and additional parts for existing cars, as well as the possibility of navigating within the game's vast world without restrictions to try your new cars.
The game includes a large number of upscale and classic sports cars of 127 cars, including 13 BMW cars, 12 cars Porsche and 11 cars Lamborghini in addition to cars Mercedes, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and others.

racers gather at night to complete missions and earn money to buy new parts and cars. They are trying to stay out of the eyes of the police who will rush to chase them violently and arrest them by ramming their car forcefully without mercy.
You can visit the official game site and download it from here:

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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Nintendo celebrated in its own way the Olympic Games which will be held in Tokyo, Japan next year 2020.
On November 5, Nintendo announced the official game of the Olympics, named with the two most famous characters in the magnificent world of Nintendo :Mario and Sonic. The game came with the famous cartoon character of the company and the beautiful and fun graphics.
best games 2019 - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
The game includes more than thirty different game modes.Each Olympic game has a custom style, from athletics to karate, surfing, gymnastics and boxing, to swimming, football.
All game modes are 3D and are full of adventure and beauty. Starring Nintendo characters rich about definition.
We have to talk about the story of the beautiful game, which includes Mario and friends for nearly 6 hours of funny dialogues and beautiful challenges, and the game supports the possibility to play and control via switch controllers connected or separately in a very fun style. You can also play with friends online, and you can  download the official game from here:

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