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vr horror games fans will love this compilation from tech-today , you'll find in this article our best vr horror games  classement, we hope you'll like it .

What is virtual reality

It is practically a world experience that does not exist, the virtual reality we are talking about is the reality created by computers that allows you to experiment and interact with an unreal 3D world by placing a head-mounted display.

The screen is usually split between your eyes, creating a 3D effect supported by stereo sound, along with other technology and inputs.

The experience will make you feel like you are mentally and physically integrated.You can turn your head and the world flips with you as the illusion created by the world you are in is never lost.

Watch a movie in the cinema and you will experience a devastating earthquake on the screen that will disappear quickly if you turn your head to see the person next to you, movies and games take you to different fantasy worlds.

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tech-today best vr horror games classement :

1- Resident Evil VII :BIOHAZARD :

best vr horror games

Since its release in 1996, the Resident Evil series has been characterized by combining elements of psychological horror with killing dead people and escaping ghosts.

The story of this part takes place four years after the last part, in the fictional city of Dulvey, Louisiana, USA (yes, a horror story with a Japanese spirit taking place in America). You will get to know Ethan Winters, the new main character who finds a series of video clips of his wife Mia, which shows him a semi-abandoned country house in an isolated area. Ethan has always believed that his wife died in mysterious events, but one of those clips confirmed that they are in fact alive, but You do not want him to search for it .. especially in that house where the life of everyone who sets foot on his front porch.

New player? No, Resident Evil 7 ethan won't force you to read the story of the previous parts or play any of them, although that may help a little, but the story is new, different and the style of play has changed a lot compared to other versions.

The story brings with it a lot of events, of course, with exciting characters led by the Baker family, a group of cannibals with a sense of humor that will make you want to escape every time you see someone in front of you.

I often felt that I was living a very good American horror film, and this is something we don't get, of course, but Capcom was able to maintain that plot that keeps you going, but with great fear and caution, there's a lot of evidence about Mia's wife, strange things going on. In the corridors of the house and the backyard .. Ethan unfortunately not someone skilled in martial arts, but you will have some tools and weapons.


best vr horror games

Release Date: December 1, 2017
This game is one of the best vr horror games where you can use the Aim Controller pistol, and you get full and smooth control within the game, and you can even finish the game with this pistol only.
Although Far Point was the official launch game for the Aim Controller pistol, DOOM, in my view, is the game that you deserve to buy this pistol for.
Brutal war, super speed, a sense of death that haunts you at every step. All the features of the original game exist, and sometimes even better.
DOOM VFR is also a game worth every penny to pay for, and it does a great job of bringing the experience of the original DOOM game in a new and distinctive way.
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3- The Inpatient

best vr horror games

When I finished Until Dawn, I was always waiting for other best vr horror games

When I got the chance to try Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, I was very disappointed, the game looks like an arcade game that is placed in the theme park.

But The Inpatient is very different, the reason I mentioned Until Dawn while talking about this game is that the story is interconnected in both games.

The game puts you in time 60 years before the original game events, you can feel very nervous and thrill at every step.

You will find yourself in the darkness of the Blackwood Pines Clinic, where doctors will give you some kind of treatment to recover your memories.

But everything is not what it looks like in this mysterious old building, when you return to your enclosed room, a new colleague at the sanatorium begins to give you clues about a terrible local tragedy and your role in it.

With the addition of some nightmares, strange jumps and terrifying monsters. Inpatient is one of the best vr horror games to date.
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