China Starts Investing In The 6 G Network

While the United States is trying to block Huawei, a leader in 5G Internet, China surprises  Washington by its investment in 6 G network . This will further widen the gap between China's digital progress and Western backwardness.

US President Donald Trump launched a campaign against Chinese Huawei and tried to prevent it from entering the US market to create the fifth generation GENERATION CELLULAR NETWORKS, and asked Western allies not to contract with Huawei on charges of spying.

China surprises USA and starts investing in the 6 G network

After hesitation, Western countries realized that Huawei and its advanced technology in the fifth generation of the Internet are indispensable. France, Germany and the main ally of Washington, Britain, decided to contract with Huawei for the establishment of the 5G of the Internet, China officially started the work of the fifth generation, and some European companies adopt the fifth generation, but in limited cities, waiting for the establishment of the network for this technology.

The United States has lost the digital battle so far, and did not realize its wounds until China surprised the world by investing in the 6 G network of the Internet. I have confirmed these days after starting the fifth generation in the country and start investing in the 6 G network to be ready before the end of 2030. It is believed that it may be ready with 2027, and the Internet will be terribly fast, if the fifth generation will allow ten gigabit per second, with the 6 G network Would be a thousand gigabytes per second.

If China succeeds in its scientific investment and reaches the 6 G network, it will have written a chapter of human progress, the sixth-generation technology will allow China to make tremendous progress in scientific research, and experts wonder how the United States failed to develop the fifth generation of the Internet and may miss the s6 G network.

The Chinese announcement of the 6 G network leaves question marks about Western progress in the digital sector, which is the foundation of current and future progress.
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