New amazing Features Coming to Snapchat

Snapchat is the most popular social networking applications where you find a lot of smartphone users there Snapchat installed it is an application features temporary videos does not exceed 10 seconds,
  Bobby Murphy, one of the original founders of the application, is seeking to develop it to meet the requirements of the coming years.
New amazing features coming to Snapchat

At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Bobby Murphy came up with the idea that Snapchat could become the direct lens through which we see the world by supporting the camera's rear camera app.

New features and add-ons will be added that add a kind of impact to the environment, such as the Landmarkers, which use the efficiency of the rear camera to add cinematic character to photography, such as modifying details of major features around the world.

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 Snapchat has a lot of camera filters based on augmented reality and the company aims to expand its use of technology and make it more practical than selfies and to do so Murphy Bobby proposed Lens Ecosystem.

New technologies will face many challenges as Landmarkers require a wide range of user data and the feature is currently being examined on thousands of public shots.

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