Razr - Motorola's New Flodable Smartphone

15 years after Motorola launched its first rotary phone . it recently announced a new Razr phone with a flexible folding screen for $ 1,499 at a press event in Los Angeles.
  The exotic design of the phone is what attracts us as users, as it resembles old folding phones, while other folding phones use large-screen dual displays.
Razr - motorola's new flodable smartphone

When the phone is folded, it shows what  Motorola calls Quick View , where the main notifications are shown to the user.
we can take pictures when the phone is folded and the same camera is used when the phone is opened as a 16-megapixel rear camera and of course there is a 5-megapixel selfie front camera, when you open the phone a  FlexView screen appears with a 6.2-inch OLED that is slightly smaller than other smartphones, but it makes using one-handed phone more flexible.
Razr - motorola's new flodable smartphone

Talking about the phone specifications, Razr has a processor from Qualcomm and specifically for mid-range phones namely Snapdragon 710 and Android 9 operating system and 128 GB internal storage and 6 GB RAM and a very small battery with a capacity of 2510mAh support fast charging capacity of 18 watts.

The design of the phone is characterized by the lack of space between the two halves when folding the screen, unlike the Galaxy Fold by Samsung does not show any curvature in the screen when opened, but it can be noted that there is a very small gap between the hinge and the screen, but of course there is a clear concern among users about durability and security, although It will withstand everyday use, but it looks safer than other models.
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