The 5G .. Test of the next generation of Internet on phones

Everyone knows that the new generation of Internet on phones will be faster and provide more capacity compared to the previous generation 4G, but how fast exactly 5G?
The 5G .. Test of the next generation of Internet on phones

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But we believe that the situation is now clearer to give a realistic answer to this question after the major telecommunications companies began to gradually operate their networks, whether in the United States or South Korea or Australia or the United Kingdom or Saudi Arabia, as well as the arrival of some generation phones V for markets around the world.

We got the opportunity to test the speed of 5G networks in the British capital London based on the Vodafone network.

Download speed on 5G networks

The 5G .. Test of the next generation of Internet on phones

The first observation we can tell you is the marked improvement in download speed in 5G compared to the previous generation.

So there won't be any problems or delays in downloading serials, movies or games on your 5th generation smartphone.

For example, to download a full season of the series Breaking Bad on Netflix takes about two minutes compared to about 20 minutes on 4G networks.

If you are a fan of games you will be able to download them in a few minutes, for example a game like PUBG MOBILE takes 3 and a half minutes to download on the phone compared to about 17 minutes on 4G networks.
Great speeds will undoubtedly allow you to experience different Internet usage on the phone, not only download but also play games without any delay or watch videos in high quality.

For example, several YouTube videos were played in 4K and there were no pauses or delays either when watching or moving to different clips in the video.

The 5 G speed is ustable

The second observation is that the download speed in particular depends on the time and location, although the network can reach high speeds in most cases.

For example, when testing in some vital city areas such as Hatton Garden, which the company considers an ideal test site, you will get the maximum speed possible, while speeds vary slightly in other areas of the city, however at certain times of the day the download speed is slightly lower in the same Ideal places.

Of course, the speeds offered by telecommunications companies are not theoretically accurate in practice, at least because we are still in the early stages of launching 5G networks.

For example, Vodafone says that the speed of download on the fifth generation networks in the UK up to one Gbps, while the test reached about 200 Mbps.

Compared to another telecom company, EE, the download speed with a fifth generation phone from OPPO reached 500 Mbps, which is about 10 times higher than the download speed using 4G networks, but with the same problems of coverage and geolocation.

Upload speed on 5G networks

The “upload” upload rate was 90 Mbps when tested on Vodafone or EE networks, which is much higher than the average download on 4G networks of about 10 Mbps.


5G is much faster than 4G but it is clear that the actual application of the technology is still in its early days, something that telecom operators around the world or at least within the UK are testing.

Telecom companies are now working to provide coverage in the busiest places in capitals and major cities before expanding to other areas, so you may sometimes feel like you're chasing the perfect places to get decent 5G coverage.

By looking at some reports, the problem was referred to by auditors in other countries, such as South Korea and the United States.

However, next year 2020 may mark the beginning of a real transition towards 5G networks as they reach more countries around the world, including some Arab countries, and include in-country coverage for more cities.
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