The New Github App For Smartphone

GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft, announced at its annual conference Universe two new products in addition to the launch of a number of tools that can be tested by developers, the most famous of these new products is the launch of the first GitHub app for smart phones and improved notification experience, and the company is also working on automating the workflow The company will improve its code search and add scheduled reminders.
The new Github app for smartphone

GitHub is developing its own sponsorship program, GitHub Sponsors, which has allowed open source program participants to guide their work to the project level.
Anyone can help fund a project and then members of the project can choose how to use the funds.These projects must be open source and have a shared or nonprofit entity attached to them and a bank account.

The new github app , which is in beta for iOS with Android support coming soon, offers all the basic features needed by the developer on the go.Developers will be able to share comments on discussions, review a few lines of code, and merge changes on the other.
The new Github app's main purpose is not to be a tool to replicate the full GitHub experience, but its experience on iPad will offer more possibilities than regular phones because of the large screen space, and the developer on the iPad can take a look at the code and navigate between instructions with the possibility of supporting some key keyboard shortcuts Offered by github itself and the basic idea of it is to embed the computer experience on a mobile phone and do almost the same things.

The second key feature is the enhanced notification experience.As every GitHub user in a medium-sized team knows that notifications sent by the company can become overwhelming and confusing, the company has decided to create a highly optimized system that includes filters as well as an inbox for all your notifications directly inside GitHub.

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