What Internet of Things

It seems that the world has become a fantasy in a crazy state. After the Internet has made the world a small village easy to navigate between them in less time and effort, it is now possible to attract things to connect to the Internet automatically without the need to enter the human hand under the title of "Internet of Things", but may The term remains vague for many who hear it; so What Internet of Things ?
What Internet of Things

What Internet of Things ?

Internet of Things, referred to in the world of technology as IOT, a modern technique aimed at attracting things represented by devices and sensors and connect them to the Internet to communicate data among themselves without human intervention, and this is automatically done if the object is located in the geographical area covered by the Internet .
One of the most striking examples is adjusting the heating means within a building ,  This also applies to lighting and the operation of certain machines and means of production.
  And therefore pre-report the potential for hardware error or malfunctions before they occur and remedy them, The Internet of Things lists many of the everyday things that can be integrated into it and apply the principle of work to them, such as industrial machinery and wearable devices and many others.
It should be noted that the coming period of technological life will abound a lot, because it is the best way to make life more efficient than before.

Applications of IoT

The scope of IoT technology is very broad in everyday life.

What Internet of Things
  • Smart and wearable devices.
  • Detect smoke ramps nearby and fire alarms accordingly.
  • Disclose the stock of manufacturing materials, for example by notifying what is nearing completion.
  • Automatically arrange people's daily appointments.
  • Report a potential hazard in an environment.
  • Monitoring the availability of fuel in heating and alarm stations in case of near completion.
  • Guidance for parking places when searching for it automatically.
  • Access to some natural conditions in a place by the network , such as soil quality and quality.

Internet of things usage areas

In the next era of technology, the world is preparing to apply the Internet of Things (IoT) in several key areas.
It is worth mentioning that the telecommunications sector is the most affected and engaged in the Internet of Things; the latter will play an active and significant role in the retention of all relevant data, and obliges all smart devices of all kinds, whether personal computers or smart phones must maintain a reliable connection With the Internet to ensure continued business efficiency.
  The field of health care is one of the biggest areas where the Internet of Things can be applied. Patients can be monitored remotely and their cases recorded in electronic records. They can also be activated in wearable devices to control exercise, sleep style and other health habits. It can save a lot of lives by reporting a pre-existing risk to the patient's health before death.
Trading :
  The beneficiary of the IoT considers both the consumer and the merchant at the same time, where the merchant monitors the goods available in the store and the sale and purchase, while the consumer is provided with the latest available goods of interest in the stores that he used to frequent.
Factories and Companies:
The industrial sector is a sector with ample potential to integrate IOT into its dimensions. This may be to attract data on machinery in plant sections, materials and equipment accumulated on the shelves in warehouses. This will ensure that the business performs efficiently and effectively and saves the costs that could have been spent on risk

History of the Internet of Things

Information refers to the birth of the term Internet of Things for the first time in 1999. It was mentioned in the contents of a presentation reviewed by the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kevin Ashton before the company P&G; It began to evolve gradually in conjunction with the development of wireless technologies, such as micro-electromechanical systems, information technology and data analysis to be used in the detection of future visions of an institution.
One of the best evidence of the existence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been for some time. The development of this type of Internet went through several stages, the first of which is machine to machine (M2M): This type depends on the communication between machines based on networks without any humanitarian intervention.

Working principle of the Internet of Things

The establishment of the IoT system is based on the availability of many key components: smart devices that support the Web for harnessing data processing, sensors, and communication devices of various kinds for the purpose of collecting data from its own environment and transmitting it to its beneficiaries. The secret is to connect all IoT devices to special sensors to capture and analyze the necessary data, then return important information without the need for human intervention, and there must be special protocols to connect to the network and devices supported by the Web.

IoT's importance

  • Assist decision-makers in making the best decision among their range of decisions.
  • Upgrading the performance and productivity strategy in the factories.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Save effort, time and money.
  • Preventing and addressing problems. 4
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