If you're a fan of programming, once you've seen the color yellow, you'll be thinking about programming quickly. Those who arrived here in search of JavaScript will join the yellow community after you read these lines with us.
What is JavaScript ?
Yes, as it is known that yellow leads us directly to think of JavaScript. But do you have enough information about it ?! What is different from other programming languages? In this article you will learn about the areas of use of JavaScript and its most important features. But let us highlight a simple definition of it so that you have the right idea about it...

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level programming language commonly used in website development. Netscape developed it as a way to add dynamic and interactive elements to sites.
JavaScript is heavily influenced by Java, and is similar in structure to C and is based on ECMAScript, a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Over time, it replaced a variety of other programming languages to become the standard for browser programming.
Evolution of JavaScript
In 1995, Brendan Esch invented JavaScript under the name Moka while working at Netscape, inspired by Java, Scheme and Self.
This language did not receive attention at first, but with time it became a source of interest for many programmers after the addition of new technologies and support for the language of Java and called it JavaScript.
What is JavaScript ?

Javascript features

Javascript is used in client-side scripting, or client side, but it features many technologies and features, including:

  • Implemented by the client. For example, you can validate any entries before sending the request to the server.
  • It is a relatively easy language to learn and close to English.
  • It is an independent programming language and is not, as some believe, related to Java.
  • Provides greater control over browsers.
  • Interactive and fast.
  • It features rich interfaces and you can drag and drop components to enrich your interface with the desired elements.
  • Functional programming language

JavaScript restrictions

  • Security Issues: Since most code is executed on a user's computer, it can sometimes be exploited for malicious purposes, which many people need to disable.
  • Do not allow the client to read or write files.
  • It cannot be used in networking applications because the appropriate support is not available.
  • It does not support multithreading, a technique in which multiple tracks are implemented simultaneously on the same processor.
  • Javascript display varies between different browsers and search engines, causing interface and functionality inconsistencies at times.

The difference with Java

The naming of JavaScript must make us believe that it is related to the Java language. Although both are based on the C language and are used in client-side web applications, the following lines will explain some of the differences between them:
We cannot deny the fact that both JavaScript and JavaScript are a programming language used to develop different applications or features of web pages, but their code is different.
What is JavaScript ?

The biggest difference is the type of applications used. Java applications run either from the desktop or through a web page, which are independent programs and usually open a separate program window. If you do not install Java you will not be able to run its own applications on your device. While JavaScript is usually included in all modern browsers, you will be able to use it easily when loading a web page. With JavaScript, you can create different applications on the same webpage. You can also develop and work on video games in your browser window.
Java programs are usually based on calculations and logical thinking and are largely server-based, and JavaScript is focused on the client side. Which makes JavaScript faster.
While Java can be used to develop large programs, it often requires a large amount of memory space that can cause slow computer work or slow down another program. JavaScript, in turn, has a small memory space and is widely used on many web pages due to low memory requirements and the ability to provide many unique features.
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