Apple Smart Watch 10 Tricks and Tips You Should Know

The Apple smart Watch is one of the most popular and wearable devices, but its work is not limited to checking the time or following your sporting activity only, but there are a lot of great things that you can do with it such as unlocking the Mac or discovering whether you suffer from Bad fall and send you help.
Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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There are many new features also with the arrival of the watchOS 6 version and Apple continues to support it to become more professional over time.
Therefore, we will present to you below 10 tricks and tips that Apple smart watch users should know. To make the most of it.

Tricks and tips for Apple smart Watch users

apple samrt watch unlock mac :

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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Starting with macOS Sierra, the Apple Watch can be used to unlock your Mac computers, as there is a feature that allows the computer or laptop to be unlocked if the smartwatch approaches it while wearing it without having to type a password.
In order to use it you will need at least a Mac that was manufactured sometime after mid-2013.
To enable this feature, head to “System Preferences” on your Mac and click on “Security and Privacy” and under the “General” tab, enable the option “Use Apple Watch to unlock applications and Mac”.
Now when you wear your watch  and is near a Mac, Apple Watch will unlock your mac automatically.

Measuring noise levels

WatchOS 6 update brings a new feature aimed at Apple Watch Series 4 and later. It allows you to measure the ambient sound levels in your environment using the microphone and then notify you by a wrist push if the volume levels exceed a level that might affect your hearing for three minutes or more.
You can activate the feature directly from your iPhone, all you have to do is open the Apple Watch application and press "My Watch" from the bottom bar, then press "Noise" and from there press "Noise Limit" to set the number of decibels that will be notified when Skip it, you can choose 85, 95 or 100dB as per your preference.
After enabling this feature, you will see a new entry within the Health app where your volume levels are monitored and alerts you if they have been exposed to loud sounds for an extended period.

apple samrt watch hard fall

The Apple smart watch (from 4th generation and higher) can detect when a hard fall that stopped your movement and help you communicate with emergency services or selected contacts when necessary, after pricking you in the wrist and issuing a loud beep until someone around you hears it.
By default, this feature is disabled unless you are 65 or older. But you can activate it manually regardless of your age, but be aware that your smart watch may call emergency services even if the event is not a real emergency.
All you have to do is open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then click on the "My Watch" tab in the bottom bar. Then, click on “SOS Emergency” and from here you can enable or disable “Fall Detection”.
It should be noted that there are many positive stories about this feature that could save lives, the last of which I mention is that the Apple watch helped save the life of a man after his sudden fall while climbing mountains through bicycles.
However, Apple Watch may not be able to detect all falls. The higher your physical activity, the more use of "fall detection" because of the greater impact of activity on the risk of falling.
Fortunately, the watch gives you a 30-second time limit before calling up emergency services.

Locate the lost iPhone

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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One of the most useful features of the Apple Smart Watch is the ability to locate the lost iPhone - only if it is close to the watch.
All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center, then press the “Phone” icon, and your phone will sound a high tone. You can still click on the icon until you find the iPhone.
And if you are in a dark place, you can long-press the phone icon and the iPhone will flash with a loud tone as well.
But if the iPhone is not within the range of the Apple Watch, try using the GPS app to find out where it is.

Quickly mute incoming call notifications

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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You can receive call alerts on the Apple smart watch, but you don't always want to make the call directly from the watch.
So if you are in a meeting for example and want to quickly silence the sound of an incoming call, just hold your palm on the watch display for three seconds and it will stop vibrating and ringing, but the call will not be rejected.
You can also transfer a call from Apple Watch to iPhone. Just press the "..." button on the call screen, then click the "Answer on iPhone" option to transfer the call, so you can speak directly from your phone.

Time notification haptic response

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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Using the Taptic Engine inside the Apple Watch. The time can be expressed by punching on your wrist with a series of distinctive strokes.
So you don't have to look at the watch to check the time. This feature is especially useful for people with poor eyesight or farsightedness.
To activate this feature, you only need to open the "Settings" application on the Apple Watch, then scroll down and click on "Watch" and then enable the "Taptic Time" option, then choose one of the settings, including "Numbers", "Short" and "Morse code" .
In the event that you select “numbers,” Apple Watch will issue a long push back every 10 hours, a short push back every hour separately, and another long push back every 10 minutes, then a short push back every next minute.
When determining “succinct”, the Apple Watch will issue a long push every 5 hours, a short push for the remaining hours, then a long push every quarter of an hour. While "Morse code" causes the Apple Watch to poke with every number of time in the Morse code attached to it.
After you enable this feature and choose the appropriate setting, place two fingers on the watch display and hold to check the time.

Personalize your exercise screen

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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Exercises appear differently when they're active on the Apple Watch. For example, the “biking” exercise displays speed, distance, and altitude, while the “walking” exercise displays average speed and total calories burned.
However, it is possible to customize the statistics that display for each type of exercise.
To do this, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone and click on "My Watch" in the bottom bar and go to "Exercise" and then click on "Exercise View" and click on the type of exercise you want to customize and then add the statistics that you think are important to your liking.
Keep in mind that most workout statistics will already be "Full", which means that you will need to remove an item from the "Include" menu before you can add an item from the "Not Included" list.

apple samrt watch eject water

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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The Apple Series 1 watch, including the first generation, is splash and water resistant, but it is recommended that they not be immersed in water.
Apple Watch Series 2 (and latest versions) are waterproof and can be immersed and used while engaged in shallow and salt water activities.
In any case, if you immerse the Apple smart watch, be sure to eject the water from the speakers after completing the activities you do to keep it from being damaged.
There is a trick that might help you with that, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the "Water Drop" icon.
Then rotate the Digital Crown until your watch makes a sound and you may feel some water on your wrist.
Repeat this as necessary until you are sure there is no water inside. Finally, dry your screen. If your screen is wet, water droplets may cause accidental clicks.

Clear all notifications with one click

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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To see a list of notifications that you received on the Apple smart watch, swipe down from the top of the screen and you will see all notifications .
you can remove any of them after pulling the notification to the left and then clicking on the icon (❌).
But if you want to remove all notifications at once, swipe down and then press firmly on the screen (until you feel like a backlash)
and then tap on the "Clear All" option to clear all notifications collectively.

Close unresponsive applications

Apple smart watch : 10 tricks and tips you should know
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As with iOS, apps on watchOS may sometimes crash, too. When this happens, you should force shut it down and reopen it again, just as you would on iPhone.
To do this on the Apple Watch, press the side button (not the Digital Crown) once to open the app changer.
Scroll to the app you want to close, then swipe left and press “❌” to close the app immediately and return to the home screen.

More is coming…

Apple is committed to sending continuous updates to enhance the power and professionalism of its Apple Watch smartwatch.
If we look at the watchOS system since its launch with the first generation of the Apple Watch .
we notice significant changes that have contributed to making it one of the most important wearable devices, So he expected more goodies from Apple with watchOS 7 in 2020.

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