Best Programming Languages To Learn

Everyone is wondering what are the best programming languages to learn ?
But the fact that this question is a waste of time and there is no good answer to it .
Best Programming Languages To Learn
To begin learning programming languages you must first ask, what is the appropriate language that meets my needs?
  For example, do you want to program websites, programs or mobile applications?

Programming languages are many and there is no old or modern language, most importantly that the programming languages meet the needs of the project you want to work on.

There are also many companies that prefer a programmer who has mastered more than one programming language .

Factors in choosing the right programming language:

  • Language that will provide you with the best good conceptual basis.
  • Language that will help you to switch to other languages with ease.
  • The language that helps you in marketing for your business.
To learn the basics of programming I think python and ruby are very useful, but I recommend c ++ and java because it helps a lot to move to other languages easily . Of course I add c # .
Best Programming Languages To Learn
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Best Programming Languages To Learn: 

Let's take a quick tour of these languages

1- Java

Object-oriented language first appeared in 1995, designed by James Gosling, and is the most popular of all programming languages :
- Uses : network programming, web application development, software development, GUI development
-Used by Android (Operating System, Applications)

2- C #

Object-oriented language first appeared in 2000 designed by Microsoft, similar to java language characterized by fast performance, but the weakness is that it works only on the Windows environment.

3- C ++

Everyone is considered the best language in building applications, first appeared in 1983 designed by Peyarn Strostrop, its features are fast, the weak point some think it has become old
Uses: Programming games, as it is considered an integral part in building programs
Used in: Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.

4- Python

A language with a purpose-oriented spear, characterized by its ease of education, and simply written and read, first appeared in 1991 designed by Guido Van Rosem
Uses: web applications, software development, information security
Used by Google, Yahoo

5- Ruby

This language first appeared in 1993, designed by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto.
Uses: Web Application Development, Ruby on Rail
Used in: twitter, hulu

Best Programming Languages To Learn For Marketing

Which languages ​​help you marketing, it depends on what you want to do, for example:
  • You want to work in building your PHP websites.
  • Build Apple Objective-C applications.
  • Android java apps

1- Objective-C

A programming language used mainly by Apple first appeared in 1983 and was designed by Brad Cox and Tom Love
Uses: Programming Apple applications

2- Php

It first appeared in 1995 and was designed by Rasmus Lairdor, the most popular language in building interactive web applications.
Used in: Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Joomla

Finally to start learning a programming language, learn a language that helps you learn other programming languages ​​and I recommend c # and java.
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