Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price

Playstation devices always come with very great features, in addition to the wonderful performance by playing them via DVD or Blu-ray in 4K resolution, and all this was provided by PlayStation devices since its launch, it is certain that the PlayStation 5 devices come with superior features.
Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price
credit : VRPlayer
It is great to see the PlayStation 5 with  an 8K video resolution that supports AMD Ryzen cards and  a Radeon Navi series processor and an SSD storage, and not only that, but  also supported by HDR and Dolby Vision that are available on Xbox.
All of the above are the desires of fans of lovers and PlayStation Players, and at the same time many are asking about the possibility of the availability of these features  in the new device from Sony or not ?
This is not the only question that all Playstation fans  are  asking  , they are also asking about the ability of the device to support  the accuracy of the 8K or not, as they constantly ask about the cost of the device and when is ps5 coming out ?
Therefore, we have decided, today, we will answer all your inquiries about the price , specs and features of PlayStation 5
Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price
credit : VRPlayer

Playstation 5 Specs :

-Will Playstation 5 support 8K resolution ?

Mark Cerny (who is the chief engineer of the Sony PlayStation devices manufacturer) confirmed that the device will support 8K video in addition to AMD Ryzen cards with a capacity of 7 nano in addition to the GPU processor of the Radeon Navi series as the device supports SSD storage drives.
It is worth noting that HDR technology is enabled in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 PRO devices with HDR10 format and all of that will be available in PlayStation 5 devices without any difference, but we can see a more advanced version than previous versions as the new version will not exclude HDR10 technologies And Dolby Vision, especially as new Xbox games work with these technologies in real time.

-Will the PS 5 have a 4K Blu-ray drive?

It will contain an optical drive but the specifications and features of this drive have not been revealed yet.
The PlayStation 4 did not have a 4K Blu-ray drive, so many hope that this new device will support this drive. In exchange, Xbox  One S support 4K drives for home cinema enthusiasts.

-Will PS 5 support Dolby Atmos?

Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price
Many users hope that the Playstation 5 will support Dolby Atmos, a sound system that enables the device to obtain high-fidelity sound, clear, and in 3D.
On the other hand, the Xbox One excels the PlayStation 4 in the audio section, and Sony's controllers are limited to 7.1 audio, while Microsoft devices support the DTS X sound system, Dolby Atmos sound system, in addition to a 4K Blu-ray drive.
It is worth noting that Mark Cerny has promised that the PlayStation 5 will come with a new gold standard in sound, as many have demanded that the redesigned 3D audio engine provide more accurate and quality sound and this feature will work simply through TV headsets and compatible headphones With the machine.
Thus we believe that the console from Sony will be compatible with the Reality Audio format, so we all hope that the new device will support Dolby Atmos sound system for both game and movie content as well.

-Will the Playstation 5 be compatible with PSVR ?

Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price
Mark Cerny has not confirmed the compatiblity of  the PSVR  with PlayStation 5 because it's not as powerful and not as accurate as  the other headphones as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and so it will be logical that a second-generation headphones be launched, and they will be powerful and impressive with the playstation 5 for a better VR experience .

Which PlayStation 5 games have been announced ?

Many expect FIFA 2020 to be among the games in the new PlayStation version, but this has not been officially announced yet.
The titles and names of upcoming games on this device have not been announced by Sony, although there are some indications that there are a number of great games installed and revealed by the game developers themselves, for example CD Projekt Red has confirmed its development of the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game. , And this game will definitely include the new Playstation 5.
It is also expected to be a second part of the game (The Last of Us), and (Starfield), which is an RPG satellite game in addition to the second part of the game (The Elder Scrolls 6), and many users are waiting for the next wave of the included games In this new version in addition to the heavy waiting for the Japanese controllers and Ghost of Tsushima as well as the Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding project.
The good news is that The PS5 will support backwards compatibility with seemingly all PS4 games.

Playstation 5 Specs , Release Date and  Price

PlayStation 5 and DualShock controller :

With every new PlayStation device comes a new DualShock controller as a leaked image from some developers in March 2019 showed a device with a touch screen, but it is possible that this image is fake.
Some have suggested that the control unit can become a smart device as well as it could be a control screen intended to control other parts and can also be used to display notifications from a smartphone.

Playstation 5 cost :

The price of this device is likely to be close to the price of the PlayStation 4, because the prices of all versions of the PlayStation devices are close to each other as the original PlayStation and PS2 came at $ 299 and the PS3 came at $ 425 and at $ 499. PS4 is priced at $ 399 USD, and the Playstation 5 cost expected to be between $ 499 and $ 550.

Playstation 5 release date:

we still don't know when playstation 5 is coming out not officially , but Mark Cerny indicated that the device playstation 5 release date  before April of 2020 and this means that the device will be available on the market after April of 2020, perhaps in May or June.
Is it possible that the Playstation 5 will be available at the same time as the release and launch of the Xbox Scarlett, which is likely to be launched during the next year 2020? We do not know when does playstation 5 come out yet.

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