How Much Will The Playstation 5 Cost

At CES 2020, Sony spoke to Jim Ryan about some of the upcoming features with the PS5, such as the presence of SSDs and support for tracking technology via the hardware, as well as support for 3D audio technology alongside Haptics \ Adaptive Triggers, but until this moment we still miss the playstation 5 cost , which seems to be The most important thing that worries everyone is the decision of some people to buy one device over another.

How Mush Will The Playstation 5 Cost

Generally it is said that there is an event for Playstation 5 next month, we may witness more details about the device, including the playstation 5 cost - if the company does not decide to postpone it to another event - and until that time let us expect together how much the next device price can be based on the information we know about Its specifications and features, whether official or leaked.

Deciding to set the playstation 5 cost is not easy and it will be a completely different matter from what it was in 2013 with Playstation 4, it is clear that both Sony and Microsoft have learned the lesson well by the necessity of maintaining a low price as much as possible, so Sony's experience with Playstation 3 (put at a price of 500- $ 600 depending on the capacity of the hard) gave her a strong deterrent how the price can affect significantly and threaten even the companies that have a great reputation among the players and make these people embrace the arms of competitors.

As I said above, predicting the playstation 5 cost in 2020 is very difficult, because the prices that the average consumer spends to purchase hardware or things that we mentioned above will inevitably be more expensive than the prices that Sony will pay to meet because, as I said, they will buy them at a wholesale price because of their mass production.

 But knowing the prices enables us to predict the field Sony can think of when making the pricing decision. If we calculate the total cost of the points mentioned above only, we will get a total of approximately $ 800, and this of course is a price that any player is not willing to spend on a home device.
How Mush Will The Playstation 5 Cost
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On the other hand, there are several factors that will reduce this total, and they are:

  • Sony will get discounted prices for mass production of hardware
  • Usually AMD processors are cheaper than NVIDIA to offer even with the lowest RTX card it has Sony's own CD player
  • Sony can upgrade the DualShock 5 controller without incurring any additional costs than the price of the PlayStation 4 hand
  • The leaks talk about technical tricks devised by the PlayStation engineer to enable their next device to provide stronger performance than expected and at the lowest possible cost so that more than two processing operations can be carried out within a single cycle to get performance of 12 teraflops or 8 teraflops while maintaining a balanced and inexpensive price at the same time.
  • Sony's willingness to bear the loss of selling on each device in order to put it at an acceptable price and compensate with the sales of the exclusives that its teams are producing, as well as PlayStation Plus subscriptions that sell for $ 60, which is not new and is usually done by all manufacturers of home appliances.

So when we consider these factors, we can conclude that Sony may resort to offering its device at a price that is the same as the PlayStation 4 launch price, which is $ 400. She saw how this price was enough to attract a lot of players to buy the device, taking advantage of the price difference between him and his competitor Xbox One. Which was raised at $ 500 in 2013.

But there is another point of view that a number of analysts market with talking about the price of $ 500 and say that there are several factors that may contribute to determining the price besides the cost of manufacturing such as inflation and Trump's threat to impose taxes on the devices manufactured in China and the company's desire not to put its device at the same price as the Playstation 4 Pro because this can To suggest to the players that there has been no jump or development in terms of capabilities, and this is a negative message that no one wants to spread among the potential customers.

In general, these were the expectations for the price of the device, along with listing the factors that can affect its price and the factors that may contribute to increasing the cost compared to the current generation. For you, what price do you expect and why?
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