150 Healthy, Happy Dogs Found Living With Homeless Family in Arizona Desert

 According to authorities, 150 well-cared-for canines were discovered living with a homeless family at a temporary campsite in Arizona.

The peculiar hoarding was discovered last week next to US-60, close to the town of Surprise.

Last week, the owner of Sky Sanctuary Rescue in Phoenix, Elli Smith, got a call about an emergency there. In order to care for their 150 dogs, a family compelled to abandon their farm in the desert of China.

Truthfully, I think the whole thing is sad," Smith remarked. Not just for people, but for animals as well.

Nearly a year has passed as the pets and their owners have endured monsoon rains and sweltering temperatures. The canines, however, strangely seemed to be doing quite fine when the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Animal Rescue arrived.

Caitlin Beall, director of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, described it as "very shocking." "Everyone seemed well-fed, cheerful, and sociable when we got there. The fact that the animals weren't as scared as they usually are speaks volumes about how much these people cared.

Prior to trying to find homes for all 55 dogs, Sky Sanctuary Rescue brought them in for the required medical attention. Approximately five times as many dogs arrived as rescuers often bring right away.

The remaining animals from the desert were also taken in by the sheriff's office.

That day was challenging, but now comes the hard part, Smith said. "We now need to find foster homes for all of the animals and get the animals vetted. In order to care for all of these animals until their new homes are found, we need supplies. We require volunteers to provide care and time with the animals as well as adopters.

The shelter claims that even though many dogs require medical treatment, nothing prevents them from finding a forever home.

The family that owned the canines, according to a sheriff's spokeswoman, would not face legal action, and it was claimed that they had found new homes. Now, the expectation is that their dogs will follow suit.

The family's background and circumstances leading up to this predicament were not further described by officials.

Animals with access to all of the resources in the world are being ignored, according to Smith. The fact that these creatures are being cared for by individuals with little is distressing.

All justifications for leaving or failing to care for a dog were dropped by this family. They care for 150 dogs despite being poor and homeless and living in a harsh desert environment. Really, their story should be shared with everyone who has ever considered giving up a dog due to a lack of time, money, or other valid reasons (such as moving to a new home).

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