92 Military K9s are coming home from Afghanistan after their job completely done

The protection of people's freedom and security depends on every service member in the US military. K9 puppies have a difficult and crucial task working with people.
They possess exceptional talent and training.

They are primarily used in bomb, weapon, drug, and other harmful pieces, though they can also be used in other roles. Additionally, they are always 98% accurate

With this piece of equipment more than any other, it is obvious

The same care and concern must be given to the K9 puppies as to human military personnel. They are worthy of our respect and adoration.

Particularly after they have finished with their duty. AMK9 is one of the organizations that looks after ex-service animals.

They make sure the puppies are placed and cared for properly. Recently, the US government contacted AMK9 to invite home 92 service dogs who had just returned from Afghanistan, some 7000 miles away, as heroes.

And the event's organizer said that most of the dogs would find new homes and families, which is amazing.

The return of the dogs to America after a protracted absence is portrayed in this movie. They are all given the respect that each and every veteran of the armed forces is due.

The moment is wonderful. When a man and a dog who served together decide to live together after their time in the military, it is very heartwarming.

Their relationship is indescribable and they become inextricably linked.

The way AMK9s handle them is amazing. As the great heroes that they are, they view them as brothers in arms.

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