A sweet Golden Retriever puppy that is ill and finds it difficult to breathe decides to wear a mask for his friends

 Samuel Flores noticed a Great Pyrenees sitting by itself and looking dejected as he passed past the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery.

He felt obligated to check on the dog to see how he was doing, but when he did, he was horrified by what he discovered. The mournful dog was really watching over the body of another dog that had been run over by a car and killed.

When animal rescuers Jessy and Julie Fennell arrived, the dog wouldn't leave the side of the deceased comrade. Instead, he begged the rescuers to save his friend's life.

He would groan and lick the wounds on the dead body as a stress drooler. The dog had evidently moved his dead friend's body off the pavement and onto the grass in order to "keep her safe."

The dog was persuaded to join the rescuers, and the corpse of the animal was properly disposed of.

Brian, a 3-year-old boy, was found to be the only survivor, but Marley, his lifelong friend and bonded companion, was found dead.

According to their owner, Marley, who was just a year old, perished after his two dogs escaped the house through an unlocked garage door.

The entire neighborhood has been astounded by Brian's undying devotion to Marley. It serves as a potent reminder of the unconditional affection and assistance that dogs may offer.

At the time, Brian is having trouble accepting his loss, but his loved ones are doing their best to reassure him. We're hoping that this young man can soon regain his strength.

Please view the video below to observe how Brian obstinately defended his friend's body for hours.

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