After 8 Years In Chains A Blind Pup Receives His Very First Bed

 This adorable dog has endured a difficult life and still needs a forever home! Do you know anyone who might house him?

An 8-year-old dog named Stevie was discovered locked up with another dog. Sadly, the dogs were probably chained for the majority, if not all, of their lives. The puppy was taken in and cared for by the Lancaster SPCA before being sent to Diamonds in the Ruff in New York.

Animal rescue group Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue, which primarily serves the counties of Niagara and Erie, is 100% volunteer-run and foster-based. The organization was founded in 2011 with the sole objective of aiding in the euthanasia of the greatest number of animals.

Every year, 3.2 million animals are adopted from shelters all over the United States thanks to organizations like Diamonds in the Ruff.

In addition to having heartworms, bald patches, and fleas, Stevie was also totally blind.

The small dog had digestive problems, according to further investigation. Not only is medical attention required, but it is also urgent.

An obstruction caused by a corn cob in Stevie's intestines required immediate surgery.

Due to these issues, Stevie's foster family had to be understanding and encouraging as he adapted to his new life.

The dog's true personality started to show as he recovered and adjusted to his new surroundings.

As the dog started to come out of his shell, Stevie's foster family enjoyed seeing some of his "firsts" that he missed out on.

Stevie finally received his very own bed, which was luxuriously comfortable and foamy.

The dog like his new bed a lot. He often appears to be rubbing his paws on it while jumping up and down. He exclaims with joy as he jumps around in bed every night! The fact that Stevie has such a cozy place to sleep makes her ecstatic.

Erin Boyd is Stevie's foster mother. She recently shared her admiration for Stevie's quick change in an interview with the dodo. We are aware of how challenging it may be for a dog to suddenly find solace following years of mistreatment, but Stevie appears to be moving in the right direction.

Although blind, Stevie made up for his lack of vision with his excellent sense of smell and hearing.

While looking for his perfect home, Stevie is now up for adoption.

Stevie is looking for a home where his human family will shower him with affection. Although he would prefer to live alone, if necessary, he would accept a low-energy companion.

Stevie, who had a significant lack of love as a child, needs a family who can give him daily cuddles and attention.

Due to his heartworms, Stevie needs a driver to take him to appointments. You can fill out an application on the Ruff Diamond website if you reside in or around Lockport, New York and want to adopt this lovely dog.

Please let your loved ones and friends KNOW about this.

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