Brave Boys Fight Off Huge Snake With Sticks And Leaves After It Wraps Itself Around Pet Dog And suffocate Him

 Here, three young boys boldly confront a large snake that has encircled the lower body and hind legs of their favorite dog.

In a video, the two younger boys can be seen throwing enormous leaves at the snake in an effort to get it to release their dog as the older boy tries to pin the snake's head to the ground with what looks to be a metal table leg.

While its human friends combat the reptile, the dog seems more confused than upset.

While his two friends try to unwind the snake, which initially seems to be a difficult effort, the older child uses the pole to drive the snake's head to the ground.

The snake's hold ultimately becomes too weak for the dog to escape, so they grab it by both ends and pull in different directions.

The attack didn't seem to have hurt the dog.

The older child then proudly raises the writhing snake by the head while remaining silent.

Unknown is the serpent's outcome.

Where the video was shot remains unknown.

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