Buried Up To Her Neck, Dog Howled With All Her Might Asking To Save Her And Her Dying Puppies Under The Ground


After loose earth slid, the puppies were buried beneath the surface, but their mother cried out for assistance at the top of her lungs.

Veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a sound earlier this week while working on a remote farm in Turkey that he couldn't ignore. It sounded helpless and desperate.

According to Büyümez,I immediately hurried to the spot.There was an avalanche. A dog was imprisoned in the ground, I saw. Only her head remained [above the ground].

Dog was in discomfort. But as Büyümez would soon learn, she wasn't only thinking about herself.

When I first saw her, it upset me a lot, remarked Büyümez.

He was aware that he needed to take action. Quickly grabbing a shovel, Büyümez started digging.

As Büyümez pushed the soil that was encasing the dog, he heard another sound. Although weak, the sound was audible.

Büyümez said, "I heard the howl of puppies. They were located underground.

After the first dog was safely removed, Büyümez started digging once more to safeguard her young.

Much to the relief of their mother, Büyümez saved seven puppies who had been buried alive after their underground tunnel collapsed.

Büyümez had thought quickly, and the furry family was now secure.


According to Büyümez, the mother dog was a stray who was left to fend for herself in that precarious circumstance. But she won't be left alone with her children anymore.

"Their general health is quite good. According to Büyümez, the mother and her puppies were secure. "I'll take care of them like they're my own.

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