Dog Saving The Soldiers From The Shot Received The Highest Honor

 The protagonist of this tale of a heroic dog with wagging tails and coated in fur is a dog by the name of Kuno who went above and beyond his obligations by risking his life for troops. By going above and above his call of duty and putting his life in danger to save the soldiers, he made history. The British military awarded him the Dickin Medal for deeds that went above and beyond the call of duty. Nobody deserves it more than he does.

A youngster named Kuno makes a sacrifice in the story Kuno's Sacrifice. Kuno has a history of accomplished missions. But the most significant was the last one. During a raid on an al-Qaeda base, he supported British forces. But then something unexpected happened. Machine gun-toting invaders quickly surrounded the British soldiers. Kuno saw his human companions trapped and made the decision to save them.

The insurgents fired grenades and machine guns at Sherrain Reber, pinning him down and preventing him from moving. Kuno became aware of this and jumped through a shower of gunfire to stop the attacker's scheme. The mission was successfully completed. Kuno sustained serious injuries while trying to save his soldiers. He was taken to the US Army Veterinary Treatment Facility for treatment because his back legs were covered in gunshot wounds.

After his paw was sliced, Kuno was forced to wear a brace on one side and a prosthetic on the other.

Kuno is currently wearing a brace on one side and a prosthetic on the other due to the injuries. In 2016, Kuno became the first U.K. Military Working Dog to get a prosthetic leg. After he retired, a caring family adopted him. Kuno now has more time to accomplish anything he wants. He may now have a loving environment while living the life of a dog.

He is the 72nd animal to earn the Dickin Medal since it was founded by the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA). Of the remaining 71 animals, 35 dogs, 32 WW2 messenger pigeons, four horses, and one cat have been awarded the medal.

British defense secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement that Kuno merited the Dickin Medal for his valor. She continued by saying that the medal is a great recognition of the accomplishments their military canines have made on a national and worldwide level. The animals in the story serve to remind us that their purpose is to keep us safe.

Finally, he is enjoying his retirement with his family immensely. He was entitled to unwind and relish his retirement. His commitment, giving, and bravery will always be cherished!

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      Thank you To Kuno who served with bravery.Happy that he loving his retirement and is enjoying his new family.🐾💙🐾


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