Former Jail Is Now An Animal Shelter Where Prisoners Look After Abused Dogs

 It is now home to a large number of canines who require additional attention and care, including Tiger, a pit bull terrier who was rescued from a dog fighting ring.

Through MASH's program, convicts at a jail take care of abused dogs, providing them with the solace they need to regain their faith in people.

It's an excellent program for both the dogs, who have been relocated from appalling conditions to the shelter, and the inmates, who get to interact with a lot of cute puppies.

Six days a week, women in prison are transferred to the refuge as part of the 30-day program.

Since 2000, the shelter has served as both a location for inmates to connect with animals and a safe refuge for dogs, cats, and horses until they are ready to be adopted.

Investigating reports of animal abuse, entering the scene to rescue the animals, and bringing them back to the shelter where they can heal are all done by volunteers.

Bow Wow Way, Purr Lane, 2nd Chance, and Ruff Road are the new names for the cells after they were transformed into miniature rooms for the dogs. Lovely.

Kristina Hazelett, one of the program's participants, told REUTERS, "I get so much out of it, possibly more than the dogs do."

Not just for kids, but also for me, it's really therapeutic, which was an unexpectedly delightful surprise.

Before they could start taking care of the canines, Kristina and the other ladies in the program had to go through protracted tests and interviews.

They work with animal care professionals as part of the program to learn how to get the dogs ready for adoption, which has the added benefit of training many prisoners for work with animals after they get out of prison.

One of the prisoners, Aubrey Herrera, has gained a lot of knowledge by raising the dogs.

She replied, "These dogs are imprisoned just like we are, and they need love just like we do."

We don't come here to make a scene. The dogs are the focus.

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