He laid motionless under raining beside the highway road desperate waiting for help

 "While I was traveling, I noticed a doggie lying down. However, I felt he was in trouble. I came back... When I got back, he was simply laying in a puddle of water next to the roadway in the rain." Bravo, Fahrudin Caki

He was lying down and appeared to have given up, as though to say, "I can't take it any more!"

"I could see he was hurt. I asked him, "Can we work anything out?" Never give up now! Here I am! I'll assist you if you don't bite me (from the discomfort) Okay?" Fahrudin said.

He was taken to the vet by Fahrudin. We'll take X-rays so we can see what's broken! Internal bleeding and injuries are the veterinarian's main concerns.

He has a chance to be operated on, and his name is Maddox. After more professional discussions, the spine operation will be performed outside at the large Clinic, despite the best efforts of the vets to preserve his life.

"MADDOX, The most significant struggle of his life thus far is about to begin for him! He will be met by a surgeon who will attempt the (spine procedure) and try to give Maddox a chance."

He was so good and intelligent that it seemed like he was aware of everything and where they were headed.

Following the assessment, the surgeon declared that no surgery was required. As a result of the minimal likelihood that they will occur, it was fate that it did! The surgeon revealed that he was walking and had a similar condition.

I questioned him, "Shall we try?" The doctor said, "Well, I'm giving him a 10% chance," to Fahrudin's statement.

He was taken right away to the operating room and prep area. Maddox underwent surgery! He's presently sleeping after waking up. He snoozes and relaxes.

The first post-operative test will be performed over the next two or three days to see whether he is in "deep pain"! He has a 50% probability of walking with practice if he reacts to "pinching with scissors"

Because of the serious lesion to his spinal cord, Maddox may (the odds are good) never walk again. He has had comparable instances with spinal cords that were similarly affected. But his life keeps going! We'll see to it that they have a wheelchair.

6 days following the operation! The prognoses aren't promising. Crushed vertebrae were present. The spinal cord was not grey; it was blue. The damaged vertebra has been omitted. Pain is no longer present. It's awful that he doesn't experience severe pain either. According to estimations, he will use a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. However, miracles may occur!

They'll attempt the impossibility! However, nothing is impossible.

After 16 days The Maddox is wonderful, sweet, and delicious! at least right now. He was able to balance himself on his legs. But for now, it is all. He himself intended to return to his cage after an hour.

Don't put your faith in miracles! However, miracles may occur! Vet believes he will walk since he is a strong warrior.

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      Prayers for you Maddox, sending him lots of love, hugs and kisses from Va!! 🐾🙏🐾🙏🐾🙏🐾🙏🐾🙏🐾🙏🐾

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        I wish you a quick recovery Maddox


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