He Sat By The Road Missing His ‘Once-Shiny’ Coat And Needing Love

 While many believed he should be killed, he lifted his head and grinned at his saviour. The dog struggled to remain alive, and his coat gradually returned to its once-beautiful state.

This rescuer was staring at the most hideous stray she had ever seen. While most people would advise killing the dog in accordance with "normal" protocol, this child demonstrated that the animal still had a lot of life left in him.

He came out of the transporter's car with a smile on his face.

The dog was adamant to keep going and showed it at every turn. And as he got better, his true appearance started to show.

His fur was orange at first. Then, white spaces appeared! Raleigh would eventually discover his ideal life partner, and it is a sight to witness. Please be sure to finish watching this great video!

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