Hiker’s Loyаl Dog Rejects To Leаve Her Side After She’s Woսnded In 300-Foot Fаll

 Indy is the name of the dog, after the fictitious Indiana Jones. According to Brittany Fintel, she might have gone into shock following a near-death experience in Washington State if it weren't for the assistance of her terrified dog.

They were hiking to the top of Mount St. Helens when Fintel stated "Indy" wanted to climb up the snow. German shepherd named Indiana after Indiana Jones belonged to Fintel.

The American, 32, Veteran of the Navy fell more than 300 feet while trekking on the volcano after slipping on ice.

I truly believed that I had reached the end when I collapsed," Fintel told KGW.

A seven-year-old assistance dog named Indy who has received PTSD training lowered himself to sniff her face and check on her.

A group of six people, including the narrator and a rescuer from a different mountain, arrived to help her around 15 minutes later.

All six stayed with her and spoke to her and Indy for over five hours before she was hauled off the hill by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, according to Fintel.

Indy put on his safety glasses and watched as his injured owner was hoisted away on a chopper and later transported to the hospital for treatment.

As Fintel recovers from her injuries, which include fractures to her pelvis and spine as well as a concussion, Indy has been unable to leave her side while she is in the hospital.

According to Fintel, Indy has been amazing during the whole situation and without the support of her loyal friend, Indy is likely to have experienced shock.

She said, "It was truly nothing short of a miracle."

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