His Only Refuge Was A Rock In The Middle Of The Sea Away From His Family Whom He Saw No More

 Our hearts break into a thousand pieces when we see puppies clutching to the one shelter they could find after being abandoned to their fate. But in reality, not everything is as it seems, and they regularly become abandoned for reasons that are out of their owners' control.

Every nation encounters realities that are frequently impossible to forget, and their imprint is preserved in the minds and hearts of its citizens as a terrible memory that they overcome.

One of those tales that, even though it happened three years ago, has stood the test of time for all it stood for at the time.

It all began in July 2018 when a ferocious forest fire engulfed the Greek village of Mati, resulting in 87 fatalities and 170 injuries in addition to significant property damage.

The coastal community was completely destroyed, leaving its residents in excruciating anguish.

Since then, many tales have been told, some of which go beyond fantasy, while others are indisputable so true that they serve to remind us of the misery that the local populace and animals endured.

Lua is a sweet little dog who has won the hearts of all after overcoming his fear of fire and seeking safety in the unlikeliest of locations.

The dog's family attempted everything to locate her before they departed in a boat and left the area.

Before giving up hope, they made an arduous search for her.

The dog was discovered offshore after several days of searching, clinging to a solid rock that offered the best protection and solace to the traumatized animal.

A rescue team that was stationed along the coast saw her and immediately sprang into action to save her. She was transferred to a veterinary facility after being rescued alone, unclean, and terrified.

Mati, the vacation destination for friends and family, was destroyed.

The dog's relative said that Lua was terrified by the flames and ran away fearlessly in order to find her owners.

It is thought that the dog rushed very rapidly to the water where she then swam as much as her power allowed to the rock, to try to protect herself from the fire. The poignant image was snapped by a local photographer and rapidly became a trend.

Huddled and full of terror she found safety and comfort in a rock. The relatives searched feverishly for the dog, but all efforts were unsuccessful.

It wasn't until environmentalists and animal lovers published the photographs on social media that a reunion with those who feared they'd lost her forever became feasible.

StreetDogs in Volos-Greece, the organization responsible for reconnecting Lua with her owners, wanted to clarify the issue after many people condemned the family for departing without her. And they highlighted:

“She was found by her people! Her name is Lua! They didn’t let her die, her family loves her. In the midst of the commotion, they had no notion what to do."

Lua never gave up hope that one day she would come back to embrace the people she cares about the most.

The tale of Lua emerged as a glimmer of hope during those trying times. Today is a reminder that, even when we think we have nothing left to lose and are totally alone, someone comes along to be a light and present new opportunities.

We rejoice over Lua's stunning conclusion. She endured a lot while she was homeless, but she deserved to return to her house.

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