Home Depot has officially hired its cutest employee ever

 She transformed from the saddest and scaredest canine to the happiest.

The dog in this tale is called Heaven, and she is extraordinary. When she was initially rescued from the animal refuge in the Kentucky River region, she was a timid little woman. We are pleased to share the tale of Heaven, who is currently the most attractive Home Depot employee in the entire world.

Heaven was adopted by Jackie Rackers, who told the Dodo about how their trips to Home Depot turned her from a terrified puppy into a contented young lady.

Rakers told The Dodo, "The Home Depot runs started as a way to help her deal with her worries. We'd go for five minutes and she'd get all the treats because she was afraid of strange places and sounds. After that, we began going for longer and longer stretches of time, exposing her to an increasing number of store items.

Dogs may find a lot of interesting things in Home Depot, and Heaven clearly thought these outings were a great way to practice coming out of her shell.

In the Home Depot, Heaven breaks out of her shell.

Heaven received her own apron because she behaved herself so well throughout her visits to the home department.

I keep it in the car so we're always prepared, Rakers added. She starts to tremble as soon as she senses that we are approaching the parking lot, but as soon as I put [the apron] on her, she is off to "work."

She "walks around like she owns the place," Rakers continued.

At Home Depot, Heaven becomes a household name.

The Home Depot staff members have expressed interest in Heaven's trips there. Her image is prominently posted in the employee break room, and everyone knows who she is.

The shop also features a section for paradise.

She always chooses individuals that need a pick-me-up to be the focus of her attention while she is there, making it a point to meet new people.

Heaven enjoys seeing people smile.

People that need to grin, laugh, or have their hearts warmed are often found in heaven.

Rakers added, "She goes about doing her own business and then insists on meeting someone. "She just sits there and stares. They frequently express how much they needed the boost. It's as if she already knows who needs to hear it on that particular day, and Home Depot is one of her favorite venues to do it!

Rakers continued by saying that because Heaven used to be so miserable, she would seek to make other people happy.

Rakers said, "She was scared of everything, but with a lot of practice and patience, she learned to trust, and now it's like she repays it." She makes an extra effort to find those in need and gives them a smile and a hug.

The most satisfying part of saving an animal is seeing how they change from being fearful and hopeless to joyful and energetic. Your efforts directly result in their satisfaction, which makes you pleased. Jackie Rakers can relate because her dog Heaven experienced the same thing.

She is the perfect example of what happens when you accept someone for who they are and love them without conditions, continued Rakers. She went from being scared and down to becoming the happiest dog.

Everyone loves heaven.

Heaven has a well-liked Instagram account where her exploits are documented. More than 8,000 people follow Heaven Is A Dog on Instagram.

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