Homeless Dog Refuses Rescue And Opts To Spend More Than A Year At A Rocky Shore

 A homeless dog was seen coming up to the shore by islanders on Marado in Seogwipo, South Korea. Nureongi, the dog, remained in the same position all day. He also spent several evenings perched on the rocks' ledges.

Nureongi was totally by himself. He was surrounded by other people, but he didn't want to talk to them. He rejected attempts by Good Samaritans to save him. He never came near anyone and always stayed away.

Neighbors were aware of the dog's coldness due to the relentlessly booming waves that pounded him. Every time it rained, he too got wet. The only thing he did when the temperature dropped was press himself against the wall because he was without any form of shelter.

People felt sorry for the dog and his situation. They were aware of how dangerous the circumstance was for him, but they were unable to take any action. He wouldn't let anyone approach too closely, not even when he was famished.

The old man chose to give the dog food. He worked very hard to gain his trust, but to no avail. But he continued to look over him and always provided him with food and drink.

Rescuers found that Nureongi shared a home with an old couple who had left about a year earlier when they arrived and inquired about it. They tried calling them, but one of them was sick, so they couldn't come. With no other options, they came up with a plan to get the dog off the rocky island.

Because of his extensive knowledge of the island, Nureongi was able to elude the rescuers and disappear. Even after being shot with a tranquilizer, he went back to the house where he had lived before since he had nowhere else to go. He was always aware of the trip home.

The dog was eventually rescued and sent to a veterinary facility for treatment. Nureongi was cleared and went back to his foster family. As long as he wasn't reunited with his original owners, his foster father promised to take care of him.

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