Loyal Dog Abandoned In New York Woods Sits On Owner’s Shirt, Waiting For Him To Return For Her

 Lily is a sweet brown puppy that is probably around two years old. The small dog was only 13 pounds, and she may have been lighter. This is due to the fact that the devoted dog's owner left him in the New York woods and left him there alone for several weeks without nourishment.

Lily was sitting on a blue blouse that most likely belonged to his owner when a caring woman discovered her. Next to her was a little crate as well. To keep her calm and deter her from following him as he departed, her father must have left the shirt there. Lily remained still, acting like the nice puppy that she is.

taken from the forest

The woman who discovered the puppy initially had no idea what to do. Since she was unable to take the dog home, she only visited sometimes to provide the animal with food and water. Her family and friends were able to contact Animal Lighthouse Rescue after discussing the situation with them.

The New York-based group was delighted to send rescuers to find the lost dog. Lily was still resting on top of the blue shirt when the rescuers got there. She remained steadfast in her faith and continued to wait for her family to pick her up.

anticipating a new family

When Lily was returned to the rescuers' facility, a veterinarian thoroughly examined her. Thankfully, her health was unaffected by her time spent in the open as a stray dog. But it was understandable why the dog was wary after what she had been through. She was perplexed by her new circumstance.

She is currently looking for a new home, and the shelter staff is optimistic that once she has settled in, she will revert to her former self as a contented pup. They are aware that the dog would be a wonderful addition to any family because of how loyal she is.

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