Mail Carrier Rescues Small Stray Puppy On Route, Takes Him To Finish Deliveries

 The unanticipated can occur at any point during the working day. A postal worker recently made a sweet new friend after rescuing a stray puppy in need of help, according to By assisting the employee to finish her route, he expressed his gratitude.

According to Ruff Start Rescue, a postal worker reportedly found a small stray dog. Since there were no nearby houses and it was sweltering outside, the employee realized she had to save the dog.

She reportedly "picked up his thin body up" and placed the little dog in a mail bin before continuing with the remaining deliveries.

Azure Davis, the director of Ruff Start Rescue, said, "He showed his appreciation by aiding her in completing the delivery of the mail.

After acting as an honorary "mailman" for the afternoon, the worker took the small dog to the vet for a checkup.

The dog was found by the mailman severely dehydrated from the heat, but the vet reportedly did not discover any severe illnesses or wounds.

Davis stated that "he probably wouldn't have made it" if she hadn't stopped to pick him up.

Ruff Start Rescue then took the dog in. He was given the name "Priority" in honor of the priority box he was picked up in.

According to Ruff Start, he is currently living in a foster home and many people have submitted adoption applications.

According to his foster mother, he is a very gregarious and confident puppy. And so grateful to the mailman who helped save him.

What an adorable little mailman! We are grateful that the postal man saved the puppy while he was in trouble. Priority is doing fantastic, and we wish him luck in finding a forever home soon!

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  • Anonymous November 19, 2022 at 2:22 AM

    I would like to have that doggie but I Live to far away.I am in Holland

    • Anonymous April 24, 2023 at 7:30 AM

      He is gorgeous, wishing him a long and happy life x


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