Man Saves Dog Hanging Near Highway Overpass By Electrical Cord

 At the vicinity of a motorway overpass, a guy was in the ideal location at the ideal time to save a dog that was dangling on an electrical cord.

David Friedman was on his way to Independence, Missouri when he saw the puppy near the I-70 overpass.

"I noticed what appeared to be a dog being hanged over the side of a power box. He was certainly being strangled by the cable, Fredman said Fox4 KC. Although they were barely making contact, his feet were on the ground. Although he was hardly able to move it, he was straining to whip his head left and right.

Fredman dialed 911 right away and then went to get a knife to liberate the dog. He saw the dog fighting to breathe as soon as he cut the leash. Even though he was unable to walk, he brought the dog to KC Pet Project after calming him down.

They identified the dog as Max after learning that it was microchipped. Dee Vaughn, the owner, has been looking for it. Vaughan was relieved when he received a call barely two hours after reporting his dog missing, but he was devastated to learn what had happened to his 16-year-old canine.

It's unknown how Max ended up in this situation. Was it an accident, or did someone try to hang Max on purpose? There is no possibility, according to Vaughn, that his elderly dog could have traveled the mile to be discovered.

However, he informed the news outlet that security cameras might record what happened to his dog. The electrical line that is wrapped around Max's neck undoubtedly indicates the suspicious conduct. According to Vaughn, he called the police and was instructed to get in touch with animal control, which he will do.

But he merely feels happy that Max is safe at home thanks to Fredman. He had the chance to express his gratitude to Fredman in person and said, "Thank you so much, David. You put an end to what you were doing to stop by and save my puppy.

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