Owner Brought Her To Be Put Down, But Her Purple Fur Hide A Dark Story Behind It

 Violet, a small dog with a few chew wounds and red fur, caught the attention of Dr. Karri, a skilled veterinarian at the "Vet Ranch" animal clinic.

When Violet was given up to be put down, her owner claimed that she had previously been mauled by a large dog.

Before being used to train conflict dogs, many bait puppies are known to be colored red. On the other hand, Violet's owner claimed that the color of her fur came from a pink wound spray that had been applied to her right away after she had been mauled. However, due to clinical negligence, the wounds continued to swell for weeks, putting Violet's life in danger.

Dr. Karri describes Violet's intensive scientific treatment in this enlightening video. As Violet goes through the difficult healing process, a vet administers strong painkillers and antibiotics to treat her infections and abscesses. Violet has finally passed the septic stage after 12 days of consistent monitoring!

It's so satisfying to see the dog's happy run after seeing Violet's dejected and defeated expression at the beginning. She can hardly ever manage to combine her grateful smiles when in Dr. Karri's arms.

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