Rescue The Dog That Was In An Accident On The Highway. God’s Miracle Saved The Dog

 We are the crew that rescues animals.

We always try our utmost to assist small animals when we learn they are sick or abandoned.

Save a small dog involved in a car accident.

The little puppy was in poor shape; he was lying motionless on the road with blood covering his body.

We prepared everything required to administer first aid to him. After that, we took him to the veterinarian to have his health assessed.

The Vet checked the unfortunate dog and assisted him to wake up , he started monving but it seemed as he had pain ...

The veterinarian then gave him a treatment to get better.

He then attended to and dressed his injuries.

After receiving all the care he required, we took him home to clean his body, which was filthy, and to feed him.

He is now more comfortable and having fun.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting our efforts to aid animals.

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  • Anonymous February 27, 2024 at 3:20 PM

    I would take that dog


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